In a world where people want the best out of life, everyone, especially low-income earners, dream of living in high-opportunity neighborhoods. The main reason why people opt for such places is that the opportunities offered in these areas are endless.

While these places have a lot to offer, getting an affordable house can be challenging, and even when you do find one, it is a fixer-upper. You will need to add a few home additions for it to look high-end.

Spending a huge amount of money to fix a house is not an option for most homeowners in high-opportunity neighborhoods. Fortunately, there are inexpensive ways to make a home look luxurious which include:

  • Adding lighting pieces to illuminate the rooms.
  • Incorporating mirrors to create beautiful illusions.
  • Painting the walls and the cabinets.
  • Introducing flowers in decorative vases.
  • Adding rugs to make the floors look modern, stylish, and personal.

Incorporating these additions to a home requires creativity and comes at a small price but the satisfaction of residing in such a neighborhood outweighs the costs of renovation. That is the main focus of our article. ”The benefit of home additions is that they give your home a sophisticated and elegant look, and if you’re working with the right professionals, you will get to put your own creative input and not spend a fortune.” – say experts from Solid Construction & Design.

On the other hand, which are some of the benefits that would you gain from living in a high-opportunity neighborhood?

1. Improved Safety

The prevalence of crime in high-opportunity neighborhoods is low meaning that your security is assured. The reason for low crime rates is because, in these areas, people are more socially connected in that they look out for one another. Also, people in such areas often address their problems such as security collectively which makes everyone vigilant. In such a socially cohesive environment, people know one another and there is a minimal chance that one would steal from their neighbor. That makes it difficult for burglars to hide in these settings because people who do not belong can easily be spotted and vetted.

2. Access To High-Quality Schools

As a way of encouraging people to live in high-opportunity neighborhoods, and because most homeowners in these areas are responsible, working, and tax-paying citizens, government authorities allocate more development money to charter and public schools. Schools are better here with respect to the learning environment, equipment, co-curricular facilities, as well as teachers, administrators, and support staff.

3. Proximity To Work & Other Amenities

Most of the high-opportunity neighborhoods are situated near towns and cities. Their proximity to urban and suburban settings is very convenient both for school-going children and adults. It is easy for people living in such neighborhoods to commute to their workplaces, the infrastructure is top-notch, and all public social amenities are well developed to ensure the wellbeing of the citizens of all ages. In most of these neighborhoods, there are malls where you get everything you need in one roof from supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, bars, and amusement centers- you name whatever you need! Using these amenities is safer too because of the heightened security we mentioned earlier.

4. Improved Chances At Upward Mobility

You stand a chance of experiencing upward mobility when you are a member of this kind of community. The reason is that you have access to good colleges which strengthens your academic background and puts you in a better position to get a good job once you graduate. Your social interactions in this society can also play a role in improving your upward mobility. For instance, someone from your community can recommend you for employment in a better paying institution such that you scale up socially.

5. Increased Chances Of Wealth Growth

Your surroundings tend to influence how you live your life as well as the decisions you make. In high-opportunity settings, people are constantly trying to grow through investing. If your neighbors are people who are constantly investing, you will feel the pressure to do the same thing. Eventually, you will also invest in something no matter how small it is and you will ultimately grow your wealth significantly.


Among the most critical decisions that one makes in life is choosing a place to live and high-opportunity neighborhoods are the places to go for. Your needs inform what kind of neighborhood to choose to reside in. Importantly is that these neighborhoods define who you are, what you want out of life, and most importantly where you are headed. The sacrifices you make to live in such neighborhoods are worth the returns that come with it in the end.

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