Cake stands might not be something you think about every day, but they do have a long history. There also are many types of cake stands to consider if you are thinking about buying one. Below is more information about cake stands to consider.

First of all, cake stands are also referred to as cake stand pedestals.

The largest cake stand or cake stand pedestal known in America was made to support a 6.8 ton wedding cake in New England. It had seven tiers and several forklifts were needed to lift it!

Cakes and cake stands have become important centerpieces for many celebrations, including birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and holiday celebrations. It has become an intense industry as cake artists try to outdo themselves with cakes and cake stands that stand out from the rest.

There are many types of cake stands to consider.

Single Tier

This is the simplest cake stand or cake stand pedestal. It is usually reserved for simple cakes and is one many of us might have in our cupboard at home.

Two Tier

In this case, there are two tiers to the cake and they may be set up one above the other, or at a distance from each other and connected.

Three Tier

This is what your classic wedding cake typically looks like. The three-tier model can be used at various angles which creates a powerful aesthetic appeal.


If you want to get really creative, you can have several layers to your cake and several tiers. These types of cake stands may be made of iron, glass, metal or ceramic.

Iron Wire Cake Stands

Wrought iron is getting more popular for cake stands. They can look more delicate and these cake stands have a different look that stands out from the crowd.

Glass Cake Stands

Glass cake stands can be colored glass or transparent. They also may be embossed or ruffled to provide a fancier look. Also, glass cake stands can be shaped like a dome that covers the entire cake.

Metal Cake Stands

These are sturdy stands and can carry a very heavy cake. They are commonly used with multi-tiered cakes. They can be gold, silver, or embossed.

Porcelain Cake Stands

These cake stands come in many colors and patterns. They can be used to hold cupcakes for tea parties.

Clearly, there are many types of cake stands or cake pedestals. Which one will you choose for your next celebration or occasion?

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