According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there has been a significant increase in car shipping between the US, Mexico, and Canada. The total revenue generation in April 2020 was about $38.5 billion. The car shipping quotes differ according to the distance required to travel, the car model, and the shipping time.

If you have immediate plans to relocate to a different location, planning is crucial for shipping your car. Get the right quotes for your car shipping by asking the following questions.

What Is The Rate Per Mile?

Before you finalize the car shipping service, look for quotes from different car shipping companies. Some companies also offer a direct shipping quote on their website.

You can contact them and let them know the destination where you wish to ship the car. They will calculate the distance and offer you a rate per mile. This will be the basic quote, it may or may not include the other factors like size or model of your car, whether your vehicle is in running state or not, etc.

How Much Is the Charge For Non-Operational Vehicles?

Many car shipping companies offer quotes only for operational vehicles. If you want to ship a non-operational vehicle, you must look for companies that transport the stationary cars.

Usually, the cost of non-operational cars is higher than running cars. Talk to the shipping company, express your concern, and get the right quote for shipping your car irrespective of its condition.

Will My Car Be Insured?

Auto transporters are legally responsible for the liability insurance as per the United States Department of Transportation. You need not buy any insurance policy for your car during its shipment. The car shipping service will provide you the insurance.

All you have to check is the clauses and benefits you will receive in case of any damage. Ask if you have to pay anything extra for insurance, or are there any hidden charges during shipment? If the car shipping quotes are disputable, it will clarify how reliable the car shipping service is.

Do They Ship Inter-State Or Cross-Border?

Many car shipping companies operate on a larger scale to ship the vehicles from one region to the other. But that requires consolidated documentation, legal sanctions, and authorization letters to ship the cars in different borders. It is a time-consuming process, and hence, the cost may differ from standard rates.

Sometimes, the routes and mediums of transportation also differ in cross-border car shipments. It again adds cost to the overall shipping quote. A thorough discussion and study on different shipping company quotes will get you the right costing.

Are They Registered?

The car shipping companies that are not registered can offer you the cheapest quotes. There will be a significant difference in the quotes of unregistered companies and registered companies.

The car shipping companies must be registered with the Department of Transport, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the Federal Maritime Commission. Ask for their license and DOT number, verify their authenticity, and only then accept their offer.

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