The term ”master bedroom” first appeared in the early 20th century to denote that it’s a room reserved for the master of the household. Today, the master bedroom is a principal bedroom in a house or apartment, which is the largest and, yes, typically occupied by the person or persons who head the household. The master bedroom has always been given special attention, especially in décor, themes, and set-up.

Today, we share some of the best master bedroom color schemes and bedroom furniture sets, gorgeous lighting schemes, and showstopping accent walls and other décor elements for you to implement in your bedroom. So, whether you’re dreaming of a serene retreat, a bright and energetic spot, or a more dark and moody design, we have ideas for that perfect master bedroom.

You will also be exposed to a few tips and tricks on how to create a master bedroom of your dreams. So, if you have a master bedroom in your home or planning to add one to your new home, these tips will be of fair use to you. Why don’t you put aside what you are doing, and let’s get started on this guide to design your master bedroom to sophistication and elegance?

Soft Palettes

A bedroom should be a place to relax after a long day – so it’s no wonder that a neutral palette is a prevalent choice. You can try soft whites with a bit of warmth to keep the space from feeling stark. If you want to experiment – go in for soft tans and soft grays to create that serene master bedroom space.

Bold Colors To A Master Bedroom

Dark colors add power to boring bedrooms. White elements, such as painted crisp bedding or trim, help space feel less cave-like. In a master bedroom, implement a bold wall hue and contrast it with white furnishings and gold or metallic accents.

Have You Thought About Patterns

From wallpaper to bed throws to curtains, there’s plenty of places to add patterns and designs in a master bedroom. We advise you to start small with patterned throw pillows or go all out with floor to ceiling prints – florals, stripes, and even plaids are our favorite choices.

Try Our ”Jewel-Toned” Colors

Using one color throughout the entire space helps the room feel cozy and intimate. We encourage rich plums and deep crimsons for jewel-toned colors.

Please Pay Attention To The Ceiling

Embrace your low ceilings and make them the focal point by wallpapering the surface. If you want to draw an eye to the ceiling, how about a wide colorful floral motif?

Blue & White Hue

The calming color combo of blue and white was practically made for bedrooms, especially for the master bedroom. Whether you pair a soft sky blue or a preppy navy with crisp white, your bedroom will instantly look classic and timeless.

Introduce An Antique Touch To The Master Bedroom

If your style falls somewhere between contemporary and traditional—or you want to keep your space from feeling one-note—try to incorporate a mix of styles. Start with vintage and antique pieces that will add warmth. Sleek pieces of furniture will make sure the room isn’t stuffy. And a simple mid-century rosewood dresser placed in space will soften the master bedroom appearance.

Involve The Art Of Layers To The Bedroom

Bedrooms should always have a bit of coziness – and one of the easiest ways to achieve that extra warmth is by adding layers. Plush rugs, throw blankets, and pillows added to the bed will create that perfect layer to the master bedroom design.

Add-In Those Seating Arrangements

Position a loveseat or a pair of comfortable armchairs at the foot of the bed alongside a small table – this will become the perfect spot for reading and relaxation.

Bring On The Furs

Fur, velvet, and leather are luxurious fabrics added to a bedroom. To bring in an elegant look, toss in a faux fur blanket across the foot of your bed, or add a sheepskin rug for your feet to have a pampered landing as soon as you step down from the bed.

The Bed: The Focal Point

The bed is the most important element of a bedroom, and it can also be the showstopping piece in your room. Play with the scale and find a bed that commands the room, no matter how large your area is.

Install A Mural

Adding a large mural above your bed or on the bare wall can transform your entire master bedroom. If you want to create a mural that’s less of a commitment, you can always opt for a removable mural, which is more affordable and easier to use.

Bring In The Florals

Create a whimsical wonderland with floral patterns that bring the outdoors inside. Whether it’s floral wallpaper or fabrics seen on the bed or drapes or more – a blooming bedroom atmosphere is a pleasure to wake up to.

Accent Walls

According to feng shui experts, the wall facing your bed is the most important in your entire home. To that end, painting it a calming color like lavender, blue, green, or gray can have a remarkable effect. You can also highlight the accent wall with a few art frames or personalize it with the artwork.

Statement Lighting

Add bold pendant lights to bring drama to a master bedroom. Start by hanging two different lights together to create a visual impact in the master bedroom interior.

Focus On Bedding

One of the quickest transforms, you can make to give a bedroom that master feels is to invest in some bold and beautiful bedding. Go crazy and pick a myriad of brightly colored textured cushions and throws to create that indulgent look. Stripes and plaids also add up to be a great classic pattern for duvets and pillowcases.

Rugs Bring In Visual Interest

A beautifully patterned rug can instantly bring life to a master bedroom. Decorative rugs work well and add vibrancy to any room, so don’t hesitate to opt for it.

Please Bring In The Sunlight

If you have a large window in your bedroom, make the best of it. Natural sunlight will cause the master bedroom to feel airy and bright and bring in that much needed positive vibe.


There is just something about those two colors that make a room look so elegant. If you want to create a monochrome ambiance, you’re your modern master bedroom – opt for a black leather headboard, black desk, black and white nightstands, and a zebra shag area rug.

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