The United Arab Emirates is the modern and developed country of the 21st century. This country developed itself from desert occupation into a city of high rises and shopping malls where tourists and residents cram for shopping, tourism, and family fun. It is one of the most visited countries in the world and people came here from all over the world.

The UAE is famous for its modern style and architectural work. It has a wonderful collection of saps, resorts, and beaches. It has many historical and cultural places and values. It is famous for its sightseeing fascinations like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Dubai Marine, etc. if you are in the UAE you have to gain their modern fashion and styles. When you are visiting any place you have to dress properly and according to the need of the United Arab Emirates.

What to wear in Dubai? This always seems to be a big question mark, especially for girls. When you want to follow the trend you have to stay updated. Keep an eye on the new designs and outfits of the brands. You can also get inspiration from Dubai Street Style. In the summer season, the weather of the UAE is too hot and most of us are not lucky enough to avoid this harsh temperature. This is also a reason why you need to update your wardrobe according to this warm weather.

Here are some of the items of summer that guide you to all the must-have summer staples. To keep you in style, try to opt-in for car rental Dubai services instead of local transport.

1. Sleeveless Shirts Or White T-Shirt

If you go out shopping or visiting some site or place, keep your dressing simple. You can wear sleeveless shirts with skin-tight jeans and for this outfit, sneakers are the best. If you think that there is cold outside, you can add a matching hoodie or jacket on the top. And white t-shirts, although they are not exciting pieces of clothing you can wear them with rocking black pants, maxi dresses, or jeans. It is one of the most versatile dresses and you can never go wrong with this simple and amazing item.

2. Maxi Dress

When the summer is at its hottest and humidity is almost oppressive, wearing tight clothes can be a nightmare. Try some light clothes in this warm weather. Maxi dresses seem to be a perfect summer style in UAE. It is long, billowy, and breezy. It also gives you a comfortable and relaxing peace of mind when the sun is at its shiniest. Moreover, a maxi is all the thing you need to beat the heat in style in warm weather.

3. Denim Jacket & Sneakers

A denim jacket is one of the important pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. You don’t need a lot of outfits in summer to wear but the denim jacket is necessary. You can wear it without conceding its vibe. It is perfect to wear in the morning and evening in the UAE. Meanwhile, sneakers are also a good enhancement in your wardrobe. You can wear sneakers with skin-tight jeans, and pants. They look cool under these dresses.

4. Perfect Sunglasses

The UAE’s fashion is incomplete without sunglasses. No matter where you are going or what you are wearing, these are the necessary things. There is no other better way to finish off a stylish summer outfit than with some cool sunglasses. If you are going with a black jumpsuit, and red lipstick then doesn’t forget to wear cool Gucci sunglasses. While shopping in Dubai, you can find that it is an ideal spot for sunglasses with a vast range and you can also make good deals while buying them.

5. Statement Jewelry

Some simple and decent jewelry is part of your summer outfits. When you are going to the beach or want to visit some other place, simple and light jewelry is a good addition to your outwear. A statement pair of bold baubles will take your look to another level. You can also wear some bright fringe earrings with breezy frocks on balmy summer nights. It seems a good addition to your fashion style.

6. Colored Crossbody Bag Or Purses

Caring-colored crossbody bags or purses are on-trend and become an important part of fashion style. They will lug around your phone and carry a lot of your things like a wallet, makeup pouch, sunscreen, sunglasses, and many more. So, if you are going outside on light garments, you can try a bright color purse or clutch along with you. It makes your personality and gives you an instant style boost.

7. Skinny Jeans & Bucket Hat

The street style look of the UAE is with skinny jeans and high heels boots. It is very simple to recreate that’s why it is loved by everyone. You can also add a bucket hat to your style. Simply go for skin-tight jeans along with a plain, loose white t-shirt on the top of it. For boots, you can go for brown or black colored light heel boots and a brown bucket hat on them. You can match other brown accessories with it too.

8. Long Skirts

If you are too lazy or busy to wear tights or skin-tight jeans or pants, then you can wear a skirt. It is a great idea to wear a skirt as it works all the time when you wear it. You can wear any dark or bright colored long skirt and pair it with a skinny tank top. You can also wear gold or white sneakers with it and a Louis Vuitton handbag or purse.


These are some common and trending outfits of summer in the United Arab Emirates. You can try these and others also and make your summer holidays awesome in the UAE. Furthermore, hire a Monthly car rental Dubai if your trip duration is more than a month.

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