Do you know that around 4.59 billion people use at least one social media platform? That is more than half of the world’s population! Imagine the marketing boost if your target audience saw your posts every other day while scrolling through their phones. By being in their social media feed, you’re making a place in their memory. So, If your company isn’t utilizing social media well, you miss out on a huge marketing opportunity.

But what does utilizing social media well mean? Many companies have a social media presence but fail to use it well. Here’s what a good social media presence entails:

1. Have A Complete Profile

The elementary mistake some businesses make is not completing their profile. This means you must have a profile picture, a social media bio, and a website link. Your profile picture should be your business logo so your brand clicks with everyone who visits your page. You should also provide a link to your website in your account to bridge the gap between your social media profile and your business. When people get intrigued by your social media presence, they can visit your website and learn more about it.

Making a good social media bio is trickier: most businesses summarize their services here and describe what distinguishes them from their competition. Make a concise and engaging bio to win more customers!

2. Stay Active

Now that you have a complete profile, you must post regularly. People will soon forget about you if you only post once in a blue moon.

Coming up with a regular posting schedule is somewhat challenging, though not at all difficult. Why can it be challenging? There isn’t much to post every time! You need to remind your customers about your products often. Hence, if you don’t have enough photographs of products, use stock photos and a witty caption related to your business simply to stay in your customers’ feeds. You could also showcase your workspace or feature your employees; the possibilities are endless!

The question is: how often should you post? On average, brands post 4.6 times per week.  Posting every other day is an excellent way to keep your brand afresh in your audience’s minds while not overdoing it!

Remember that staying active isn’t limited to just making new posts. You should also be engaging with users throughout! Read the comments on your posts and reply promptly. Also, check your direct messages (DMs) daily and respond to customer queries.

3. Use Various Platforms

Don’t put your eggs in one basket – use different social media platforms where your audience may be!

Remember to tailor your content according to the dominant audience on each platform. For example, your TikTok account will appeal the most to Gen Z, so post content they are more likely to love! You wouldn’t want to use the same content on Facebook, where you are more likely to find millennials.

4. Use Social Media Analytics

Do your customers even like what you post? You won’t know until you check your analytics.

Checking social media analytics isn’t complicated. Nearly every social media platform tells you the number of engagements on your posts. Check your metrics and determine which posts are most well-received. Compare the number of likes and comments to the impressions. Notice what made the well-received posts work and make more posts like these in the future.

Similarly, focus on the impressions, too. The more impressions your post gets, the more people see it and learn about your business. Monitor which posts get more impressions and focus on designing and creating more posts similar to those.

5. Invest Money

You may have to spend some extra cha-ching for a spectacular social media presence.

Advertisements are a great way to reach more potential customers, but they will cost you some money. However, the leads they generate can bring in more revenue. You should analyze the cost-benefit and determine a sizable but practical budget for social media advertisements. Most companies spend 14-15% of their marketing budget on social media advertisements.

Another monetary investment you can make is hiring social media management companies. They can take over your social media for a fee and develop a content strategy. You can quickly grow your reach through their professional, SEO–optimized content.

Influencer marketing is another promising avenue to invest money. Generation Z follows social media influencers very ardently, so engaging influencers can bring new, younger customers. The influencers will promote your product in their content for a fee, which depends on their popularity or number of followers.

6. Participate In Viral Trends

To your customers, you shouldn’t just be a monotonous brand account. The more humorous and relatable you are, the more they will adore you. Creating such content can also help you go viral, introducing your business to new audiences.

So share memes, post cat gifs, post about the new Taylor Swift album, and participate in TikTok challenges – make your account fun! People prefer accounts with a sense of humor, and you want as many people as possible to discover your business. Viral trends are one of the easiest ways to generate leads!

7. Build Relationships

Social media is not just about getting more followers or customers but also about cultivating a solid relationship with existing ones.

Don’t try to sell your business too hard on your social media. Instead, your goal should be to help people out. Engage with them, answer their queries, and demonstrate your brand values. Your sales will automatically improve when you build your reputation as an engaging and customer-centric brand. ‘

8. Automate Your Posting Schedule

Instead of uploading posts manually every day, you can make a batch of posts and schedule them. This allows you to take time off your laptop or phone and have your posts up when you can get the peak engagement.

If your customers in a foreign country are most active at 3 a.m., you can get the most engagement from them by scheduling a post for when they are online!


Given how popular social media is, it can be a great marketing tool! However, like any other tool, social media is just as good as how you use it. However, one thing is sure: if you master the art of social media marketing, your business and sales can see a significant boost!

Luckily, using social media effectively for your business is as easy as it sounds. Follow the tips listed here to improve your social media presence significantly! With a well-planned social media strategy, you can see your marketing improve in no time.

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