In recent years, more and more people are thinking about exactly where their money is going. Does the brand they’re buying from have ethical practices? Is there any way they can support smaller businesses? It’s easy to find the cheapest days and shop from there, but with the amount of waste the world produces, it’s time to start thinking about where you shop. Here are six simple ways to shop ethically online.

1. Research Ethical Brands

This one may seem obvious, but it is your first step towards ethical shopping. If you’re on the lookout for a new skincare product or a makeup item, then have a look at the brand you’re buying from to see if they are cruelty-free. There is no need for brands to test on animals, and you can always find just as high-quality products from a place that is openly ethical. Over time, you’ll come to know the trusted labels, and shopping will be far easier.

2. Choose Local Businesses

It’s best to give your money to small, local businesses rather than a large company. The materials they use won’t be mass-produced, and when you buy, you’ll be supporting someone’s family. The internet is full of wonderful, unique items from small, independent shops, so you won’t be lost for products!

3. Donate As You Buy

If you’re a regular online shopper, then you should consider giving a few dollars to a charity as you buy. Often, upon checkout, a message will pop up, asking if you would like to donate. It’s as simple as clicking ‘yes’ so, if you have the money to spare, consider doing that. There are also places that offer savings on your purchase, and they will use those savings for non-profit organizations. If you fancy a new outfit, Zulily coupons offer customers the chance to give part of what they pay toward their basket to a non-profit organization, so it won’t affect your pocket, but you will still be helping raise money for good causes.

4. Buy Second-Hand

Second-hand stores are all over the internet simply full of unique, quality items at a fraction of their retail price. Not only will you find a gorgeous new addition to your wardrobe, but you will also avoid fast fashion and reduce the amount of waste the world produces. It’s a win-win!

5. Reusable Containers

A new trend, both online and in-store, is the use of reusable containers for your beauty products and your food shop. This is a brilliant way of reducing single-use plastic, so the next time you need to do an online food shop, consider finding a store that offers reusable packaging.

6. Speak Out

You can speak through both your wallet and your own voice. Letting brands know that you prefer buying from ethical stores will make them want to change. After all, if they’re not receiving your money, they know they have to alter something! The more people speak out, the more brands will change, and eventually, the shopping experience will be far more ethical overall.

7. Judge Their Competency

Always see if the provider even knows what he is offering. Someone who doesn’t quite understand your needs cannot deliver a useful service. For example, when you visit this website selling table cloth, you will notice that he has discussed everything a buyer should know about this product. You should visit the website of the business to see if he has properly guided all his potential customers with details about the product.

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