Living in the third-largest city in the United States offers you many experiences that you can find nowhere else. There is nowhere else that has a river that flows backward, or that dyes their river water green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Moving to Chicago has ups and downs, you just have to enjoy the ups, and be ready for those downs.

7 Pros Of Living In Chicago

1. It Is A Business Center

Almost all of the major businesses have an office in the city. It is considered to be the ninth richest city in the world.

2. Public Transportation Is Outstanding

There is a great amount of public transportation. You have trains and buses, you have taxis, and you have rideshares. Many people ride bicycles, and most places are close enough that you can simply walk.

3. Food Is Fabulous & There Is A Large Variety

If you like food then this is the city for you. If you like a variety in your food then this is THE city for you. Hot dogs, pizza, Mexican, Chinese, and every other kind of food is represented.

4. The Parks & Outdoors Are Awesome

5. Owning A Home Is Cheaper Than It Is In Other Large Cities

Owning a home and making mortgage payments is usually cheaper than renting an apartment.

6. The Shopping Is Phenomenal

7. Sports Are Fantastic

Chicago is home to Soldier Field where 61,500 of the fans of the NFL greats, the Chicago Bears can go to see some football.

It is home to the United Center where 23,500 fans of the NBA superstars the Chicago Bulls can go see some basketball.

It is home to Wrigley field where 41,649 of the fans of the infamous Chicago Cubs can go see some baseball.

It is also home to Guaranteed rate Field where 40,615 fans of the Chicago White Sox can go see some baseball.

Not to mention the soccer teams, and other stadiums and sporting events the city offers.

7 Cons To Living In Chicago

1. High Crime Rates

The murders in the city can top 500 each year. The gang activity is also high with 60 known street gangs calling Chicago home.

2. Traffic

Traffic is dense, slow, and hard to navigate.

3. It Is Cold In The Winter

Temperatures reach sub-zero and stay there.

4. Winter Seems Very Long & There Is A Lot Of Depression

Being cooped up indoors, when it gets dark early, and people feel lonely and isolated causes a higher than average rate of depression and suicide.

5. Free Parking Is Basically Non-Existent

Most people do not own cars because trying to find a place to park is difficult and costly.

6. The CTA Buses & Trains Are Rarely Ever On Schedule

You need to leave early and take the earlier bus or train if you want to arrive on time to where you are going.

7. Rent, Groceries & Utilities Are 20% Higher Than They Are In Most Other Cities

Final Thoughts

There are pros and cons to moving to Chicago. There are pros and cons to living in any town, any city, any state, or any country.

You have to decide if the pros outweigh the cons, and then learn to be accepting of some things. That is the secret to Chicago’s happiness.

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