Though summer is still fully upon us, it’s coming to a close. Winter will be here before we know it which is why now is the time to finally get around the house and make all the adjustments and fixes it needs. Some things, like addressing the cracks in the walls, are actually best done while it is still warm and dry.

By spreading out your tasks from here on out, you can reduce the effort, fix up your home, and make it ready and cozy for winter:

Check Your Home For Cracks In The Seals

Check your home for drafts and any cracks. Check cracks that seem to be more than just humidity cracking the paint, as these may be foundational issues that put your family at risk. For cosmetic cracks, however, you can easily fill them in and fix them right up.

The same applies to any broken seals in your kitchen and bathrooms. Fixing them early will reduce rot and mold buildup.

Prepare Your Pipes For Ice

Prepare your home for freezing conditions by clearing out your gutters of any detritus, ensuring that your drainage pipes are clear, and by covering any taps. You will want to also keep any air vents closed during particularly cold temperatures.

Clean Your Appliances & Filters

With the windows closed you will be breathing in a lot more of the air that is filtered in and around your home. This means that you need to clean all the filters in your home, particularly in your drying machine and HVAC system. While you are at it, deep cleaning all your appliances, including things like your fridge or microwave, is just a good habit to get into for the health of your home and family.

Give Your Car A Tune-Up

Changing out your tires for winter is a smart move, but to really ensure that your car is road worthy for the hard winter ahead you’ll want to give it a full tune-up. Finding the right garage to do this does take time, but once you find the right one it will feel like a match made in heaven. This is especially true for owners of European cars that most garages don’t know a lot about.

Rather than waste a lot of money at your dealership, you’ll want to find a garage that has decades of experience with European auto repair. These professional European auto repair services will take care of everything from tune-up to brake servicing for your German automobile, so you’ll be safe, and your vehicle will purr.

Prepare Your Landscaping

There will be tasks you will need to do outside. The only time you won’t is if you have just a lawn of grass or live in an apartment building. If you do have landscaping, however, you will want to clear away all the fallen leaves, cut back any weeds, wrap delicate trees in burlap, and of course put your outdoor furniture away.

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