We know that the role of modern technology in the medical sector is unimaginable. Technology also plays a vital role in the mental health industry. Maybe, in the beginning, it sounds weird that technology can help to treat mental health. But now, we can get various digital devices that continuously work for our mental health betterment. These tools help to reach mindfulness and to practice meditation. Through the help of those digital devices, we can relieve stress.

Why We Need To Take Care Of Our Mental Health

To keep our body healthy, we try to maintain physical hygiene. Similarly, to keep our mind healthy, we have to maintain emotional hygiene too. If we are not conscious enough to support our mental health, it may affect our body also.

In today’s world, people are constantly chasing after work. The addiction to success is deeply ingrained in people’s minds. Because of that, people feel stressed and anxious. They are not conscious enough to take care of their mental health, which causes various mental diseases such as SAD, sleep disorders, personality disorders, etc. Stressful mental conditions also create various physical diseases such as heart problems, high blood pressure, etc. So to keep our body and mind healthy, we need to take care of our mental health.

Are Technological Devices Capable Enough To Maintain Mental Health?

We can get various devices that help us treat our mental conditions and multiple meditations because of technological advancement. Those digital devices show us how important it is to combat stress, pressure, and self-distracting impulses daily.

At first, we have to understand that our mind needs relaxation to keep our body healthy. We have to observe our mental condition very carefully to choose the best device or treatment for us. By taking the help of those digital devices, we can keep our minds calm and relax. It also helps us to speed up our daily activities.

One of the most essential components of mental health is mindfulness, being present in the moment and acknowledging ourselves and our environment as it is. But it is always not possible to maintain mindfulness. Many earthly things distract and disturb our minds. So to keep the mind on track, we can use various digital devices. Though sometimes because of technological materials, we face health issues, but the invention of mental health devices have made our mental well-being easier.

Now let’s know about five unique devices that work for the betterment of our mental health.

PIP Device

It is a tiny device that needs to connect with a smartphone app. It is designed to give immediate feedback about the level of one’s stress. The app shows a winter image. You need to transform it into summer by holding the device between the thumb and index fingers while measuring skin conductivity for a few minutes. The longer you can keep your stress low, the faster the scene changes.

It is a very quick therapy. It only takes 15 minutes to complete. However, when you learn which methods you need to use for de-stressing at that time, you don’t need to use it. But for starting your journey towards mindfulness and meditation, this device is beneficial.

Light Therapy Box

Light therapy is one of the most popular therapies to treat the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and certain other conditions by using artificial light. SAD is one kind of depression that usually happens in the fall or wintertime.

This therapy mainly uses a device called a lightbox. This box gives off bright light that imitates natural outdoor light. During this therapy, you sit or work near the light therapy box.

Light therapy affects the brain chemicals that are linked to mood and sleep and treat SAD symptoms. It also helps to treat other types of depression, sleep disorders, etc. This therapy is also called phototherapy or bright light therapy.

The amazing fact is you don’t need a prescription to buy a light therapy box. By only taking the suggestion from your mental health provider or doctor, you can buy it. But before purchasing the lightbox, you have to take advice from your doctor about which kind of therapy box you need for your mental health. By choosing the right lightbox, we can get the most benefits.

However, you can buy it from an online shop or drugstores. Always try to take a review before purchasing the device to get the best quality device. You can know more about it here.

Muse Headband

This is one kind of brain-sensing headband that helps to get the most out of your meditation practice by providing real-time biofeedback about what is going on in your mind. The Muse is not trying to alter your brain. The use of this device is very simple. You only need to put the Muse headset on, then complete your breathing exercises to the sound of waves (neutral), storms (bad), and tweeting birds (good) that express how focused and calm you are. Then the device will give you feedback to clear your thoughts if your mind is too active.

After many months of using the Muse, you may decide to continue your meditation sessions without its help. Still, the immediate feedback taught you when you are genuinely relaxed, and it was useful to listen to your brain activities in real-time.

Calm App

In the year of 2017, The Medical Futurist team has chosen calm as an app. This app helps you to learn how to meditate, have breathing sessions to relax your mind and body, listen to calming bedtime stories before you go to sleep, or watch soothing nature scenes any time during the day whenever you feel it’s necessary.

When this app comes in the medication field, beautiful music and calming scenes guide you out of the grave hole of anxiety, depression, or sleep disorders. The app also offers various meditations, such as body scan, walking, guided or unguided sessions.

Focus@Will Music Service

Music has some magical power. You may notice that you can better concentrate on your work, writing, or any creative task when listening to music.

Focus@will is a unique music service for those who already know their attention is flawless when playing the right music. This service was established in 2012.

Based on research in neuroscience, Focus@Will promises to determine your personality type through a couple of test questions; then, it will offer the appropriate music genre to improve your focus. Based on their survey of 22,000 active users, focus time increased more than 200-400 percent.

Before choosing any device or service, we should observe your mental condition. That will help you most to choose the right technology to keep your mind calm and relax.

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