Newborn babies bring so much joy and happiness, and we want to give them the perfect gift when they arrive. Our list of gifts includes items that will provide sentimental value as years pass as well as items that will be very useful in taking good care of the baby now.

1. Handmade Blanket Or Quilt

Handmade gifts become treasures that are often passed down through the generations. Crocheted or knitted blankets and quilts are among some of the most beloved gifts a family could receive. The newborn baby blanket is usually double-sided and measures 30” x 40” inches. A quilt could be made to match the theme of the baby’s room, or it could be totally unique and include a family tree. Soft color palettes will be most soothing.

2. Bathing Tub

Bathing is made much easier with a baby tub. You can fill it with bath time and it needs to create an amazing gift. Be sure that any toys that you add are age-appropriate. In addition to a few toys, add some baby wash and baby shampoo. Include several soft baby towels, baby washcloths and some lotion for after bath time.

3. Baby Cot

Baby cots make amazing gifts, especially for new parents. Having a place for the baby to sleep safely is very important. With many beautiful kinds to choose from, you will want to consult with the family to see which type will work best for them. Mattresses are often not included, so plan on adding that with your gift or arrange for someone else to purchase the mattress.

4. Newborn Toys

Toys help to stimulate the baby’s senses, keep them active and encourage creativity. Keep in mind the age-appropriateness of the toys. It is okay to purchase them for a slightly older age so they have something to bring out as the baby grows. Avoid purchasing toys that are made for one year or older. Musical toys are often favorites.

5. Changing Table

Families love having changing tables for their babies. It makes changing and dressing them much easier and keeps everything that they need within arm’s reach. Some great items to include in a separate gift basket are diapers, diaper cream, wipes, a diaper disposal system and even a wipes warmer.

6. Monthly Milestone Blanket

These trendy blankets are meant to lay the baby on for a photo each month. They have the months numbered on the blanket, and a cuddly toy is placed near the number to show the age of the baby. As the baby grows, these pics are fun to compare to see how much they have grown each month. Include a scrapbook so the family can write down milestones to go with each pic.

7. Book Basket

Books encourage bonds between babies and families as they read together. Board books are best for babies, though you could include others as well for the family to keep for later. Write a message on the inside cover of the book to give it sentimental value. The family will read these messages for years to come.

8. Stroller

All busy families need a stroller to keep the baby safe while running errands or while vacationing. You may want to consult the family as to what type of stroller will work best for them. Perhaps they have one child already and would like a stroller built for two rather than a second stroller.

9. Clothing For Different Ages

Most babies go through a lot of clothing changes throughout the day. While it is nice to pick up a cute outfit for the baby, consider adding a few packs of sleepers or onesies for the family to have on hand for necessary quick changes. Some babies are only in a newborn size for a few days or weeks, so include larger sizes for the baby to grow into as well.

10. Gift Certificate For Photo Session

Many parents are so wrapped up in taking care of the baby the first year that they do not even think about a photo session. Some others are simply financially strapped from their new addition, so they just take some pics with their phone. A gift certificate for a professional photo session will ensure those precious early months are captured.

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