There are many ways a doctor’s surgery can become more efficient. There are also a lot of tools available that can be beneficial, but picking the right ones can be challenging. Here are 5 top tips to help you make the most of your practice.

1. Work, As One, With Patients

Patients are unpredictable, and are at times, very stressful to deal with. Some can cause a lot of chaos and waste a lot of money by simply not turning up to an appointment. This can be a significant issue for a doctor’s surgery, especially if it is already on a tight budget. Here are five patient follow-up mistakes you might be making, and how to fix them, to help you try to resolve this predicament.

2. Establish Excellent Standards Of Hygiene

This should be a no-brainer, especially for a medical facility! But you also need to ensure that your patients are embracing good hygiene too, so that standards are kept high. You can do this by setting up hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility, and scheduling a janitorial team to regularly wipe down door handles, clean toilets, and make sure that there are enough resources to go around the staff and the patients.

3. Adopt Digitalization

This can help you save on space and cut down on the expenses of pens and paper. It can also help reduce the spread of illness, as viruses can be transmitted through people coughing on pens or putting them in their mouths. It can take a lot of effort to frequently wipe down every pen on a desk, so just having a couple of tablets and a keyboard to keep clean, is a lot more manageable. Digitalization can also help with the organization of documents and ensure that important data is saved.

4. Don’t Skimp On Security 

Installing the right security is really important. You are going to need to invest in surveillance, locks on cabinets, and limited access with code-protected doors. You should also be making sure that you are investing in the best cybersecurity options that are available, to give you peace of mind that any online activity is carried out safely – which is of paramount importance when it comes to keeping your patient’s information safe from cybercriminals.

5. Staff Training Is A Must

Staff training is also very important. This doesn’t necessarily refer to the doctors and nurses on-site – they have had their professional training. It’s most likely to be the receptionists you need to work with. Make sure that they have end-user training and customer service training, as well as excellent phone and email etiquette. This will help to keep them level-headed if they are dealing with awkward patients, and ensure the emails they send out, are of the highest quality. This etiquette helps your reception team to understand the importance of providing a professional service at all times – the competence and courtesy that your patients deserve.

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