Street style is all that’s in these days and out of all fashion trends and fads it is the most difficult one to nail yet. This is because street style ahs multiple facets and is multidimensional – while it is laid back and often unflattering, it is also sleek and very put together in an almost chaotic way. That is to say, you need a natural flair to put together a passing street look.

However, if you want to jump on the band wagon and be on fleek in your streetwear appearances, we’ve created just the guide for you to look like your favorite celebs and stand out on the block.

1. Focus On Your Fabrics

Earlier, street wear used to comprise articles made out of denim, corduroy and heavyweight cotton. However, as the trend and demand for street wear is catching on, the fabrics used as staple in street wear have been upped to luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, velvet and jersey. Street wear has grown from something you’d just wear while relaxing and lounging to apparel that you’d think twice before wearing casually.

2. Don’t Focus Too Much On The Brand

If you can afford to – by all means focus on the brand and the label of your streetwear. However, if you are on a budget, looking chic in streetwear does not have to rip you of all your savings.  If you can find staple and statement worthy pieces on a budget by doing a bit of research, you can always pull together the best looks.

3. Get The Best Kicks

It is absolutely necessary that you invest in good shoes to complete your streetwear look. Certain brands are extremely popular amongst celebs such as Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez. You can shop for Saucony running shoes, which are extremely popular in streetwear looks and are sure to complement your outfits.

4. Loose VS Baggy

You need to focus on the difference between loose clothes and baggy clothes. Loose clothes are in, baggy clothes are out. While everyone is jumping on the band wagon of oversized clothes, you need to realize that loose fits are in and are distinctly different from baggy clothes. Figure hugging streetwear is an absolute no-no and oversized and cropped clothes are what you should be opting for.

5. Keeping It Simple

You need to focus on not doing too much – less is more and you need to keep your look as simple as possible. Don’t look like you are trying too hard or you could risk looking uncomfortable and made-up in your streetwear look. Try to get staple pieces that you can center around multiple looks. Don’t look like you just got off the rack and try to look unique.

Nailing a street look isn’t as difficult and intimidating as it sounds – you just need to be prepared and have the right pieces to mix and match on a daily basis. If you can afford to, you can always go for pieces that are limited edition and unique to stand out.

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