It’s great fun to spend time in London. The difficulty comes when you try to narrow down what to do while there. It’s easy to get overloaded with ideas and get stuck in analysis paralysis. Then you’ll end up at the most popular but sometimes uninspiring tourist attractions. Instead, it’s much better to focus on one part of town or even what’s local to a particular underground station and broaden out your search for interesting things to do from there. For this article, we are going to provide five things to do near Liverpool Street in London.

1. Eating Out Near Liverpool Street Station

Not all cafes in London are the ‘greasy spoon’ variety with their full English breakfasts and other common dishes. It’s possible to find a Liverpool Street cafe with a more exotic feel. If you’re wanting a break from English cuisine, there are Mediterranean cafés serving sumptuous, mouth-watering dishes. There are plenty of choices when looking for a light lunch or something more substantial in the evening. Favourites like falafel, buttermilk chicken, and fresh vegetable salads certainly evoke a sense of a different place.

2. The Sessions At Broadgate

The Sessions is a collection of classes, workshops, and organised talks with people who live and work in the Broadgate and nearby City of London areas. Featuring many of the smaller retail and other independent businesses at Broadgate, it offers cooking schools, tastings, and even candle-making in the heart of London. Broadgate has a useful app to get current on the latest goings-on to decide what you’d like to participate in.

3. Old Spitalfields Market

The Old Spitalfields Market is a classic. For people visiting London for only a few days, it’s a handy one because it’s open daily, so you don’t have to miss out. Originating from 1876, the venue is a Victorian Market Hall. It has all the history you could ever want if you’re into that sort of thing. But if you’re there to go shopping, it won’t leave you short-changed. There are plenty of small businesses and boutiques to wander into. Whether you are looking for unique framed prints, exotic jewellery, chic French fashion, or something for the kids, it’s all here.

4. The Arcade On Liverpool Street

To find a little quirky touch, look behind Liverpool Street because there’s something special hidden there. The Arcade on Liverpool Street harks back to a time before shopping centres when arcades were all the rage. These covered shopping spaces feature walkways to stroll through with shops lining either side. The arcade in this area includes a florist, barber, leather maker, and other interesting little shops to visit.

5. Get An Eyeful Of The Gherkin

If you’re a fan of impressive structures, you cannot get a more interesting one than the classic ‘Gherkin’. Located at 30 St Mary Axe, this oddly shaped skyscraper designed by Sir Norman Foster will see you gazing up to the heavens in awe.

Don’t just hit up the large shopping centres and top tourist attractions when in London. By digging deep in one area, it’s possible to find the less busy gems that other visitors often overlook.

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