Apart from being a fast source of information, social media is also a powerful digital marketing tool for businesses. Millions of businesses worldwide benefit from the various marketing and advertising capabilities of various social media platforms. One of them is Twitter, which has continued to enhance its user experience in the past few years.

Twitter is a social media platform that primarily caters to microblogging with its 240-character limit and various ways to put out content. Currently, it has over 300 million active users worldwide, with over 200 million monetizable users. With that population and the kind of content it caters to, Twitter is one of the best platforms for a full-blast digital marketing approach.

Much like with any digital marketing project, a sound strategy is required to navigate and use Twitter to better your brand. Read about ways on how you can develop one in this article. Here are effective Twitter marketing methods for your business.

Customize & Brand Your Profile

Your Twitter profile serves as your headquarters. It’s where your prospective customers will go to know more about you and look at your content. So you have to customize your profile to let them know that it’s your business automatically.

Here are the categories you need to include on your profile to brand it:

  1. Use your business name as your username or handle.
  2. Use your logo as your profile photo
  3. Use a branded image as your header photo. Include colors that are associated with your business
  4. Customize your bio. You can choose to go for something humorous and engaging or your mission statement or tagline.
  5. Include your website URL. It’s another benefit of creating social media profile that you can use to drive traffic to your website.
  6. You can also include your company’s birthday, which will be located beneath your website’s URL.

It’s just like how a good social media marketing agency will create a client’s social media account. Customizing your Twitter profile just like this should leave no doubt in users’ minds that it’s yours.

Focus On Increasing Your Followers

As with any social media marketing strategy, your focus should be on growing your following. The more accounts that follow you, the better your online presence will be. You’ll be more visible even to users within your target market as Twitter will suggest your profile to users who follow accounts in the same niche as yours.

There are many ways to increase your Twitter followers. One of them is ensuring that all your tweets are shareable. Do not set your profile in private because retweeting your tweets won’t be possible, which takes away one option of sharing your content.

Increasing NFT Twitter followers can be a great way to build up your brand and get more people interested in what you have to offer. To increase your NFT Twitter followers, try tweeting about topics that are popular within the NFT community, using relevant hashtags, and following other NFT Twitter users. You can also try retweeting or commenting on NFT tweets to get yourself noticed.

Another is to engage with your followers. Respond to their replies on your tweets or share their tweets about your business. By doing this, you can make a connection with them and build trust and loyalty easily.

Use Twitter Moments

Twitter defines Moments as stories curated to showcase the very best of what’s happening on Twitter. It’s a collection of your tweets about a particular topic of your choice presented in a slideshow-like manner. Moments can help you market your business by showcasing your events or industry-related news.

You can create Moments by clicking on the option located below the navigation bar. It has three visibility options: public, unlisted, and private. Unlisted means only people with the link can view your Moments.


Besides all the free methods to market your products, you can also pay to advertise on Twitter. They have two advertising options: promoted tweets and Twitter Ads. Just the same with other paid social media on other platforms, you can tailor who you target and how users can engage your ad based on your objectives. You can buy poll votes to know these objectives in more detail. However, you must be cautious of fake poll votes before buying.

Promoted tweets will make one of your tweets appear in the Twitter feed and search results of specific users. Twitter will put your promoted tweets in a daily campaign to target the type of audience you want to reach. All users can engage with your promoted tweets the same as non-promoted ones.

On the other hand, you can tailor Twitter Ads by deciding between objectives you want to achieve. These objectives include website conversions, video views, app installs, and audience targeting. As opposed to the monthly payment for promoted tweets, the fee for Twitter Ads depends on the objective you pick.

Get Verified

The blue check is the sign that many brands aspire to have on Twitter. It signifies that their profile is verified by the platform, which marks its legitimacy. You should get your business’ profile verified to avoid confusion from any impersonators who create identical profiles patterned to yours.

Twitter’s criteria for verification include the company size and your industry. Having a blue check beside your profile name also legitimizes your claim to your business name and your profile.

Wrap Up

Twitter provides businesses with all they need to market themselves. It’s up to you to utilize them to the best of your ability to achieve your marketing objectives. Form your strategy around these methods and execute them well to be successful in your Twitter venture.

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