Since the past few updates, Instagram has started sorting content to post on users’ feeds, and many marketers have witnessed falling figures in their organic research and engagement.

But that is not necessary to be a similar case for you. It could be possible for the users to reach more than without the existence of the Instagram algorithm.

Here are five straightforward ways to execute this piece of information to boost your organic reach on Instagram. So how can you hike your organic reach on Instagram?

Direct scheduling is new for the Buffer on Instagram Scheduling a video or single-image posts or set reminders to upload multi-image posts at the best of your timings to increase your Instagram interaction with your followers.

Understanding The Instagram Algorithm

Here’s a quick brief: learn how the Instagram algorithm works can be beneficial in figuring out how to upsurge your organic reach and buy instagram likes in the algorithmic-feed world.

After deep consideration of the Instagram algorithm, if you’d wish to learn about the algorithm and how it ranks content on users’ feed, then do not wait to waste one more minute and read below:

Let’s get started!

1. Discover Your Optimal Posting Times

Although Instagram uses an algorithmic timeline now, optimum posting times are still relevant as:

If you are operating an Instagram Business Profile, you can check the Instagram Insights to know when the followers are most active by the day and the week.

2. Keep Your Experimental Game On

Several studies have discovered that photos tend to get more overall engagement (i.e., comments and likes) than Instagram videos. On the very first look, it might look like photos are better than videos for engagement — and it could well be!

While posts, on average, get more engagement (and overall likes) than videos, videos produce more comments than photos. Videos, on average, acknowledged more than twice the amount of comments than photos!

It is not definite if the Instagram algorithm values like and comments equally or one more than another. But since commenting involves more effort from a user than liking, it’s possible that the algorithm values comments more than likes in the process of engagement and would rank posts with more comments higher than posts with more likes.

3. Ask Questions Or Host Contests To Increase Engagement

Calling for action or asking the question is one of the fun ways to increase your followers to relate with your Instagram posts. It has been found that hosting a giveaway contest is a playful way to engage our followers.

A few of the call-to-actions we have tried are:

  • Enter to win by division of the desired emoji party combo in the comments below?
  • To enter, tag any friend below who would “Vote” for your favorite marketer, and you’ll both be entered to contest!
  • To enter, tag a friend below who is known to you and is already rocking it on social media!?
  • You may ask questions like ‘What’s on your reading list this week??’ Drop your book recommendations below for a chance to win a free book of your choice by the Buffer team!

During the giveaway, contests produce more comments than normal posts. It would try to give it a few months between every contest to keep things entertaining and thrilling.

4. Curate User-Generated Content

Curating user-generated content can boost those users to involvement with and share those content. Since the Instagram algorithm considers users’ relationships when ranking content on their feed, establishing relationships with your users through Instagram might also help your content rank higher on their feeds.

Apart from organic reach, Crowd tap discovered that user-generated content is 35 percent more memorable and 50 percent more reliable than traditional media and other non-user-generated content. It makes user-produce content a valuable strategy to try.

5. Tell Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories take a prime position on the IG app — over the feed. It permits you to stay on top of the followers’ feed and seize more of their attention. If followers often view the Stories, it could even benefit the Instagram posts to rank higher on their feeds.

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