For every parent, the ultimate joy is to spend some quality time with their kids. Unfortunately, however, almost every kid is becoming increasingly tech-addict and hence is not interested in any kind of “family time.”

Did you know that children spend 49 hours a week playing with electronic gadgets today, which is much more than the time spent with their families?

So as a parent, what can you do to make them look forward to seeking the best family time? Keep reading to know more!

1. Involve Everyone In The House

This is a golden rule to ensure that your children enjoy themselves in their family time!

If only you, your spouse, and your kids live under the same roof, call all of your relatives and arrange a fun game night! Or simply curl up under the blankets and watch a comedy flick on Netflix.

The more people you involve, the greater the fun, so if your elderly parents or siblings also live with you, never forget to invite them to family time.

After all, family is what keeps any household strong, and when your children interact with all the members, they get to know and experience so much more!

2. Add A Few Minutes To Your Morning & Night Routine

Yes, you must be busy with your profession, but your children come first, right?

Then why not add just 10 minutes each to your morning and bedtime routine so that you can talk to your little ones and bond with them? No matter how horrible your day has been at work, talking to your children will help you de-stress greatly!

Do a fun activity together in the morning, such as making pancakes or waking up early to do yoga. And at night, tuck your kids into bed and read them a short bedtime story for 10 minutes. Or maybe watch a TV show together before you both go to bed.

Growing kids might not wish to do this ritual often, but make them understand its importance.

3. Build Playthings In Your Backyard

If you have a backyard, you can always spice it up and build a swing set or install an inflatable pool for your kids to have fun.

Many people nowadays are also exploring cubby houses online and investing in them!

Playing hide-and-seek in cubby houses or splashing with your children in your backyard pool can be amazing ways to spend the weekends. Or you can even plant a family garden and watch plants grow and blossom!

4. Click Pictures Of Each Other

Clicking photos and preserving them will make you feel like you’ve never left the good old days! So grab a camera and take photos of your kids. They don’t have to be perfect; they just need to be in the moment.

For example, you can ask your child to paint something on a canvas, and while they’re busy painting, click some snaps of them and print them out. Or you can even make a “click one pic together every day” resolution.

At the end of every month, you’ll have 30 beautiful pictures to reflect on and relive the beautiful moments. You can also follow the “one-second video a day” and add all the clips together to make a keepsake for the future.

5. Plan Short Trips Together

Everyone wishes to let their hair down on the weekends or during public holidays, especially little children. So if you have decent savings, make it a point to take your children out every Saturday or Sunday.

Take them to your local ice cream parlor or the amusement park. If you have about 3 or 4 days in hand, you can even plan a small family vacation to an exotic place like Disney World!

To make sure that your children feel involved, let them choose the activities that you’re going to do on the trip while you figure out hotels and commute. Organize a picnic or a kid-friendly sport to make things even more fun!

Over To You…

With these tips at your disposal, creating an unbreakable bond with your child will now be easier than ever!

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