New Year is the ideal time to change your house and give it a fresh and trendy look. From curtains and blinds to wall paints, there are so many things you can modify to look forward to the coming year.

If you haven’t made a New Year resolution yet, why not resolve to do something nice to make yourself feel more comfortable at home? You don’t necessarily have to make a huge change- even small and simple ones will do!

The entire home remodeling market is estimated to be more than $400 billion, which means you have innumerable options to choose from! So come on, let’s see some makeover ideas!

1. Buy Some Indoor Plants

Okay, this might not sound like much, but buying a few indoor plants can take your home from zero to a complete ten!

If your house feels a little dull, it can often be due to a lack of natural greenery. So invest in plants like snake plants, money plants, and pothos to make your house look inviting and fresh. What’s more, these plants are also quite low maintenance!

Even purchasing a cactus plant can be a good idea- you simply put tiny cacti along your windowsill and bring a nice change!

2. Remove Clutter

Another small change you can make is to remove clutter all around the house. Even if you are planning to make big changes, you must remove unwanted junk to make more space.

If you’re concentrating on the “New Year, New Me” goal, it will be even more important to get rid of things you haven’t used in the past couple of months.

For example, old newspapers and magazines, worn-out rugs and carpets, and unused kitchen containers all need to be thrown out.

3. Enhance Your Ceiling

Enhancing your ceiling will definitely cost you money and time, but once you do it, it will give your entire house a stunning makeover.

For example, invest in plaster ceiling designs – you can opt for Georgian or Victorian ones.

Or, if you’re looking to explore ceiling plasters or ceiling molds, you must check out Plaster Ceiling Roses. From plaster coving to different sizes of ceiling roses, Plaster Ceiling Roses will help you out with everything!

4. Upgrade Your Linen

Upgrading your linen, such as your bed covers, cushion covers, duvets, or even towels, can also prove to be quite therapeutic.

Get a fresh set of linen that will provide comfort and last for a long time. You’ll be surprised to see how it impacts your mood if you invest in good-quality linen!

Almost every store will offer you an end-of-the-year sale or buy-one-get-one-free on good linen items, so make sure you use that to your full advantage!

5. Change The Lights

Led light fixtures are also necessary if you want to revamp your house and make it look completely different. Good lighting can make your space look bigger and brighter and make you feel mentally at peace.

Install recessed lights along the length and breadth of the house to make it look minimalistic and neat.

If your living room needs an upgrade, buy warm lights that make the room look more homely. Or install night lights on your bedroom ceiling for a soft glow.

6. Accentuate The Walls

Of course, how can we forget the essential component of any house- the walls? You can definitely start by giving your walls a fresh coat of paint but if you are tight on budget, simply accentuate the existing wall by putting up a beautiful painting or wall art.

Or, if you have kids, ask them to make some creative doodles, frame them, and put them up for everyone to see! Even decorative mirrors are a great idea as they give the impression of a larger house.

Over To You…

Now that the new year is fast-approaching, it’s quite natural to want to change the look of your house and try out new things.

If you’re looking for simple changes, you can visit websites like Instagram or Pinterest but if you wish to make more significant or permanent changes, visit Plaster Ceiling Roses.

Book an appointment with the team for fitting and inspection and then go ahead and choose the kind of ceiling or plaster designs you wish!

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