With the holidays just around the corner, isn’t it time to start thinking about those special gifts you’ll need this year? Sometimes your friends and family are hard to buy for but when you have a foodie in the crowd, they can be especially tricky because they are the epicureans who know good food and have the most discerning palates. The good news is that there are gifts out there that are perfect for foodies and not all are edibles. To get an idea for this year’s gift, check out the following four gifts every foodie will love.

1. A Customised Cutting Board

What foodie do you know who doesn’t love to spend time in the kitchen preparing some of the most delightful foods imaginable? They’ll happily spend hours preparing a meal just for a casual get-together whereas we would probably order takeaway! Why not have a custom cutting board made for them? These range from wood to glass, but each will be made to order. You can choose the image or words and if you order early, it will be there well in time for Christmas.

2. A Gift Voucher To Their Favourite Restaurant

You know that your best mate spent a weekend in Ampthill a few months ago and was particularly impressed with an Italian restaurant there in the heart of town. They were so delighted with the culinary offerings and the entertainment that just happened to be booked that day. For weeks that is all they could talk about. After going online to see what all the excitement was about, you noticed they had gift vouchers available on their fratelli-italian.co.uk website. Wouldn’t that make a lovely gift, especially if they invited you along for the next adventure?

3. A Bottle Of Imported EVOO For Baking

It’s odd how even the most common things in life take on trendy names. Although an imported bottle of EVOO isn’t going to be a common ingredient in a foodie’s pantry, it’s something they will absolutely love. EVOO came about as a buzz word in the early 1990s. It stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil but when talking to a foodie about EVOO, you had better not be mentioning the Olive Oil you can get in any local shop. EVOO, to a foodie, refers to a specially refined and processed olive oil and this process is one of the reasons it will cost a bit more than the kinds you can find in local stores.

4. Edible Flower Seeds

Here is another thing every foodie will love. As a true foodie, they will almost always serve plates to their guests that have been garnished to the point of being a work of art. Why not give an assortment of edible flower seeds they can plant in the spring? These can then be freshly picked to garnish plates to perfection and the beauty is that they can be eaten as well!

Here you have four ideas for Christmas gifts any foodie will love. You may have to start shopping now to ensure their arrival before the holidays, but you can be sure they will be a gift that will be truly treasured.

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