There are many options you can choose from when you want to diffuse scents throughout your home. Candles, reed diffusers, air fresheners and wax melts can all be used and all have their pros and cons. Here are four interesting facts about wax melters.

1. They’re Safer Than Candles

The best wax melter is one that will ensure the safety of you and your home. While candles that are lit can create a risk of smoke damage and spreading fire due to the open flame, wax melters and candle warmers are typically electrically powered and have no open flames. This mitigates the risk of house fires and damage or dirtiness from smoke and soot. Many of them also have automatic off functions, which will cut power if overheating is detected. Keep in mind, you should still regularly inspect your wax melter or candle warmer for damage or wear because electrically powered devices can still cause fires if their wires or connections are damaged or exposed.

2. They’re Clean Sources Of Scents

Candle warmers and wax melters will evenly heat your entire wax melt or candle, making sure that all of the wax is melted and used. This can decrease the amount of waste created by using the candle or wax. Because it melts wax, filling the warmer will also be cleaner and easier to do than other options. Air freshening sprays may leave a residue where the droplets fall. Reed diffusers utilize bottles or jars of oil, which may spill and stain. Candles use open flames to heat the wax, which can release soot and smoke that damage or stain material close to the candle.

3. There Are Some Disadvantages

While there are many advantages to using wax melters, they do have their disadvantages too. Because it’s an electrically powered device, a wax melter can be more expensive than a candle and a book of matches. Using a wax melter can also cause the wax to lose its fragrance relatively more quickly compared to heating the wax with an open flame. Many wax melts will be packed with higher levels of fragrance load compared to candles to counteract this, but the risk will be higher when you warm an actual candle. Certain melters and warmers will also likely require the use of specific candles or wax melts, which will limit your options.

4. You Can Make Your Own Wax Melts

If you want to, you can mix and match the scents and types of wax you melt. You don’t even need to spend time actually mixing the wax before you place it in the wax melter. You can simply cut or break up wax melts into smaller pieces and place two or more different pieces into the wax melter together to create new custom scents to diffuse throughout your home.

A wax melter is a good option if you enjoy many of the properties of candles but are concerned about burning something for a lengthy period of time. They tend to be safer and can last for a very long time.

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