It is decided, for your next vacation with family or friends, Corsica will be the destination of your dreams! And indeed, as the 2 million tourists who set foot on the Island of Beauty each year attest, Corsica has significant advantages. A destination between sea and mountains, this Mediterranean island facing the corsica villas offers a diversity of landscapes, attracting hyperactive people and lovers of idleness, travelers in search of discoveries, gastronomy…

And to accommodate a whole family or a group of friends, the ideal solution in many aspects is undoubtedly the rental of a villa. In this article we invite you to discover 4 reasons and advantages that should convince you to rent a villa in Corsica instead of opting for another type of accommodation for your next vacation.

The Beauty Of Corsica Nothing But Your Eyes

Before even considering the solution of renting a villa, it seems essential to go to the destination itself: Corsica. As mentioned in the introduction, this sublime island is a treasure trove of discovery and activity for travelers, a must-see destination without having to go to the other side of the world.

If you travel to Corsica for your next vacation, you will experience an exceptional journey: discovering the island’s heritage, history and culture; sublime beaches, one of which, Pinarello, is even considered the most beautiful in the world; the interior, the mountains and the forests that make Corsica a natural destination par excellence; etc. But to experience such a trip, you’ll need a base, in this case a villa that accommodates your group in comfort, privacy, and without breaking the bank…

Your Stay In Corsica Under The Sign Of Comfort

Sometimes it’s hard to plan a vacation without ignoring the comfort of home. This is particularly the case when opting for a camping stay where comfort can be Spartan. This is also the case, to a lesser extent, when visiting the hotel, since many requests are based on the availability of the establishment and the staff.

A good number of villas for rent in Corsica, such as the houses offered on offer maximum comfort, sometimes even luxury. Thanks to the daily team at your disposal, you will feel at home. But what makes the difference and offers real comfort, are the additional equipment, for example, the private pool with which many villas are equipped, which allow you to swim at any time.

Holidays In Corsica In Total privacy

It is also difficult, during the holidays, to have to adapt to other travellers, whether they are hotel guests or neighbors of the campsite. If the tourist crowd is part of the trip, it’s obviously nice to just get together with friends or family for a day or night.

By choosing to rent a villa in Corsica, you enjoy privacy, a true vacation privilege. By living at your own pace and according to your wishes, you don’t have to put up with noise or the presence of other vacationers when you are in your villa. Your living spaces, your garden, your terrace and your pool are yours during your stay, without having to share them.

A Comfortable Stay Without Breaking The Bank

At first glance, the option of renting a villa can be scary given the price of some of the holiday homes on offer in Corsica. Obviously, you need to tailor your research to your budget. However, it is surprising to see how the price of renting a holiday home in Corsica is not high if you consider the quality of services, but also the possibility of sharing expenses.

In fact, the price/day ratio is much lower than the cost of a stay in a hotel equipped with a swimming pool. In addition, when going out with friends or family, you can share the costs, that of the rent on the one hand, but also the daily expenses, and thus benefit from a stay in a Corsican villa at a relatively low price.

All you have to do is find the villa that will welcome you and fully enjoy your next vacation in Corsica!

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