Dinosaurs have been one of the fascinating topics of the scientific world. The remarkable discoveries of their fossils and skeletons had amazed all of us. The giant curvature of their bodies and an odd appearance is what made them to the most researched list. There are thousands of researches still going on to figure out more relevant facts of their existence. 

Some biologists of the United States are figuring out how to revive dinosaurs back to the earth again. For this, they have many reasons. Different types of discovered dinosaur fossils are evidence of evolutionary modifications during early times. Unfortunately, when all the textbooks of biology and genetics signify this species, many people still assume all these scenarios to be hypothetical.

We’re aware of so many different dinosaurs based on their characteristics in today’s times. You must have heard of Tyrannosaurus, Sauropoda, Allosaurus to name a few more. However, there’s a new species long back-traced by some paleontologists. The awe-striking feature which distinguishes it from others is its teeth. This Dinosaur has 500 teeth. This article is about a species of Dinosaur that has 500 teeth.

Let’s explore this 500-teeth Dinosaur in more depth.

What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

Have you heard of Nigersaurus? Nigersaurus is a particular Dinosaur species with a unique feature of an extremely long neck and 500-teeth. On an expedition, fossils of a sauropod dinosaur were discovered. Sauropod is also a type of Nigersaurus. The surprising thing is that, of course, with a long slender neck, this sauropod had an unusual skull with around 500 teeth.

This expedition was conducted to figure out all about this unique sauropod with 500 slender teeth so that people can be aware of this. The biologists reconstructed it and put it in some museum.

Discovery Of 500-Teeth Nigersaurus

In the early 1770s, the skeleton of this 500-teeth Dinosaur was discovered in some forests of Nigeria. It was found lying on its side with its tail curved upward. The backbone curve was measured to be almost 15 feet. The bones of this 500-teeth Dinosaur were around 109-115 million years old. The researchers plastered all the skeleton bones and transported them to the laboratory to continue studying them.

One baby Nigersaurus’ fossils were also discovered from a nearby location. They discovered its upper jawbone. The fossils suggested that it died one year after hatchling. The discovered backbone and hip bones proved this 500-toothed Dinosaur to be giant and about 30 feet long. All the accumulated bones of this sauropod weigh around 600 pounds.

Many further studies took place on the found fossils. The researchers found a huge inclination to study this unique Nigersaurus because of its 500 sharp teeth. 

How Did This 500-Teeth Dinosaur Get Its Name?

This Dinosaur got its name because it was discovered in the Republic of Niger. The Nigersaurus means Niger Lizard or a Niger Reptile. This Dinosaur with 500-teeth resembles a reptile or a lizard hence named like this. Nigersaurus is a Telama group found in old Nigeria. The Nigersaurus was named in 1976.

Eating Pattern Of The Giant 500-Teeth Nigersaurus

It was one of the earliest dinosaurs discovered. The teeth of this Dinosaur suggest it to be a herbivore. It is quite unusual to believe, but this 30-feet tall Dinosaur was a herb and plant-eating creature. The Nigersaurus used to eat club mosses and horsetails.

Relevance Of This 500-Teeth Dinosaur To The Others

The 500-teeth Nigersaurus belongs to the family of Diplodocus. Its existence is traced back to when there was no life on earth except meat-eating and some herbivorous dinosaurs. It existed between Albian and the Aptian age. The fossils are almost 109-115 million years old. They were discovered in the early 1770s but were stated as remains of Nigersaurus after 1999.

Physical Attributes Of Nigersaurus

  • It had very big eyes and very fictional eye-sockets.
  • It had a spine half-filled with air, making it a delicate predator.
  • It had a very complex avian-respiratory system.
  • It had a small nose, and hence the smelling sense was very weak.
  • It used to spend most of the time searching for food.
  • The skull was very hollow and was vulnerable to breaking.
  • It had air pockets in its body.
  • There were various spaces between the spine and bones.
  • The 500 slender teeth had curved tooth crowns and comparatively thick enamel.
  • It had a wide mouth.
  • It was comparatively smaller, with a length of only 30 feet.
  • The tail was just about 3feet 3 inches.
  • Weight was around four tons.
  • The 500-teeth Dinosaur had a walnut-sized brain cavity.

After finding almost 800 bones of this 500-teeth Dinosaur, the scientists revealed the final study. They revealed the complexity, physical attributes, and facts relevant to their existence.

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