The chances are that this winter is going to be different from all the others that preceded it. We’re going to have less to do and less places to go to enjoy ourselves, as the fallout from the coronavirus continues, and many of the world’s tourist destinations lie empty. We’re due to spend more time at home than ever, leaving behind our active hobbies in favor of the comforts and safety of the indoors. Thankfully, though, we can also perform hobbies – old and new – from our homes, as the three options detailed below will show.

Panning For Gold

There are thousands of individuals and families in the US who have never quite been able to shake the hobby of a lifetime: heading down to the local stream, pan in hand, in order to sift slowly for that most precious of metals. For some, this tradition runs in the family. For others, it’s something that’s thrilling and potentially profitable.

With this winter presenting serious problems for those who would usually pan outside, you’ve got the option to perform panning at home. This wonderful idea will have you delivered a quality of river dirt to your door, which you’ll then sift through in the comfort of your own home in search of small nuggets of gold. It’s a great excuse to do something different with your family this winter.

Indoor Sports

Many of us are sincerely missing the kinds of simple sport that used to be a go-to for families in the cooler months. Think bowling, pool, golf, and darts – all of which are unlikely to restart in full force until 2021.

However, happily, all of these sports can be performed from home. You can purchase a Nintendo Wii in order to perform sports like bowling. In contrast, a simple purchase of a games table, which might ordinarily include pool and table hockey, will provide endless fun for your family to enjoy. Make the indoor sports events your own by buying accessories to help you play and compete at home. Keep it fun and exciting by adding the element of competition to the game, offering up a prize for the winner.

Clothing & Textiles

One of the exciting parts of the changing season is heading out to buy a new wardrobe of clothing: one which will enable you to look great as the nights draw in and it gets cooler by the day. Whether you’re someone who loves to head out to shops to investigate the shelving or an online shopper, this year is going to be a little different.

After all, with you heading outside less than ever, this is a time to rethink and revalue your fashion behavior. Why not, after all, think about making adjustments and repairs to your existing clothing, instead of buying more? Or, you could purchase the knitting and sewing materials and equipment to produce your own clothing and accessories – the perfect new hobby for 2020.

Consider taking up these three new hobbies as 2020 draws to a close in the winter months.

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