Motorhomes, as well as caravans, are an excellent piece of auto equipment as they provide owners with the opportunity to have more freedom and have countless adventures in their own country and beyond. With so many home comforts such as a toilet, stove, washing facilities and even a bed, it’s a fantastic option for those that want to experience the joys of camping and living out in nature, but who doesn’t want to deal with the uncomfortable aspects of it.

Owning a motorhome is an immensely popular dream and goal for a lot of people, however too many have fallen short of that dream, citing finances and expense as being the main reason why. Although buying a motorhome outright can indeed be a sizable investment, there are ways and methods to make it more affordable and the dream of freedom and adventure more attainable. Here are some ways you might be able to afford your dream motorhome.

Vehicle Finance

Vehicle finance from Auto Finance Online is one of the best ways to make getting a motorhome or a caravan more attainable. With vehicle finance, you’re able to borrow the money you need to be able to afford your dream automobile. This is a great alternative for those who have most of the money saved up but need a little bit more to be able to afford it. Be wary though, as all money borrowed needs to be paid back in instalments, and most finance providers add on interest. With rates from 6.9% APR, Auto Finance is a great option, with flexible repayment options.

You will need a sufficient credit score to be able to claim finance so that the dealer knows that they can trust you, but you can get a quote from Auto Finance to get an insight into the deal you might be able to get.

Consider Buying Used

If you are set on a specific model, but you’re just unable to afford it, it might be worth looking at the used motorhome market as you’ll be able to find some great discounts here. Providing you go through a good quality dealership, used motorhomes and caravans are still in fantastic condition most of the time, and many even have some awesome features meaning that you won’t miss out by going this route.

When buying used, do make sure to inspect the vehicle thoroughly, and pay attention to its mileage and try to find out any repair history. If there’s been a lot of repairs during the vehicle’s lifetime, then it may suggest that it might not be the most reliable, which is essential for a motorhome.

Think About Insurance

One thing that can hike up the prices for a caravan or motorhome is the insurance. In most cases, if you’re able to drive the caravan yourself, meaning you don’t have to tow it with a separate car, then you’ll need insurance, so if you want to save, avoiding these types of motorhomes can be a good option.

There are also other factors that increase insurance, such as the age of the vehicle and likelihood of fires, so buying more recent models that lack a built-in stove can help keep this expense low and could be the difference for you being able to afford a motorhome or not.

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