If you are looking for summer wedding theme ideas to inspire your summer wedding, then you have come to the right place. Summer is a great season for a wedding, and there is no shortage of summer wedding ideas to create the most gorgeous celebration of the most important day of your life. From refreshing wedding desserts that just melt in your mouth, to seasonal florals that can brighten every corner. With a combination of nature, the right colors and style, you can have the summer wedding of your dreams.

Keep the warm weather in mind when choosing the items for this theme. Even though you can find a limitless number of inspiring wedding ideas, it is best to keep your choices light, flirty and heat free. Consider drinks that can do more than quench thirst, but can keep the heat at bay. An ice cream truck is also not a bad idea if you’re having an outdoor wedding reception. Think water when you’re considering a choice of venue. So, a poolside or even the beach would not be out of the question for such a summer celebration.

Read on for more summer wedding theme inspiration to make your day truly amazing.

1. Consider Outdoor Dining

Take advantage of the weather and use the outdoors for your rehearsal dinner, even your wedding reception if possible. The warm summer weather is one that would be perfect for a summer backyard wedding. You could set up reception tables with string lighting hanging overhead like a bed of twinkly stars. Add candles and a scatter of hanging basket lanterns and you’ve created a magical summer space.

2. Wedding Welcome Bags

Another of our wedding ideas for summer outside is a wedding welcome bag of favors for each guest. If you’re having a beach or poolside wedding, you could make them beach bags. Consider things your guests might need in this weather, like snacks, sunscreen, bottled water, bug repellents, even custom beach towels. Add fedora hats for the ladies and you have a welcome bag each of your guests would adore.

3. Choose A Neutral Color Palette

A fresh color palette is a great choice for wedding themes for summer. Choose lighter shades over darker hues for a real summery feel. Neutral colors like coral, blue, yellow and other pastel tones are a good foundation for your color choices.

4. Sunset Celebrations

Choose the times with less sunshine for your wedding activities. If you can’t wait exactly for sunset, consider starting early evenings so everything can progress during the cooler part of the day. By sunset most activities are already underway, and you’re taking some of the best wedding photos with the sun setting behind you.

5. Have A Light & Fresh Menu

Some of our coolest summer wedding theme ideas have to do with food. Consider adding coconut water to your desserts table so that guests can refresh themselves and quench their thirsts with this hip and yet healthy drink. You can also have cute watermelon skewers as yet another refreshing snacks guests can enjoy. Keep the rest of your summer wedding menu light with seasonal vegetables, fresh salads, grilled chicken and summer rolls.

6. Custom Sunnies

Spending time in the sun at a summer wedding would be incomplete without sunglasses. Gift your guests fun, customized sunnies for your wedding. They can be used during your ceremony, and they will look good in photographs as well. Something to enjoy during your celebration, but also take home afterwards as a memento of your special day.

7. Heat Proof Wedding Hairstyles

Summer outdoor wedding ideas include hairstyles that take your hair off your back and face. Think updos that can help you fight the humidity, and remain looking perfect at the same time. For picture perfect styles even in the heat, consider loose chignons, a top bun, a braided updo, or even a sleek ponytail.

8. Consider Signature Cocktails

Consider Signature CocktailsSummer wedding themes ideas should not skip the drinks section. You can create fun, summery signature cocktails for your guests to enjoy. Focus on cool flavors like mint, cucumber, berries and whatever else you feel will please your crowd. These refreshing flavors are sure to be a hit at a summer soiree.

9. Stick To Airy Fabrics

Choose light and airy fabrics when creating wedding attires for yourself or your bridal party. This will ensure that everyone stays comfortable throughout and can enjoy the day. No one will have to go through the day sweaty or sticky, and this chill, cool vibe will reflect in your wedding photos. Your bridal party ensemble, whether matching or mismatched, will look great with their awesome smiles.

10. Create A Flower Wall

Have fun creating a flower wall from seasonal blooms for your summer wedding decorations. Having this beauty in the background would be great for the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. A bold choice of wedding décor, it can also act as a centerpiece for guests photos.

11. Gift Parasols

Consider getting cool looking parasols for summer garden weddings. Your guests will not only look chic holding these, they will also be able to avoid any direct sunlight your event might have. These parasols can also double as fun picture props, so select the colors carefully to match your theme.

12. Outdoor Bar & Refreshment Station

Another one of our offbeat wedding ideas for summer is a bar that can become a focal point for your guests. Refreshment is very important this time of year, and an outdoor bar where guests can sit and sip would be a great idea for your wedding reception. Decorate with fresh flowers and greenery and serve cocktails alongside refreshing drinks such as iced tea and coconut water, and your summer bar is complete.

13. Consider Summer Friendly Desserts

Think of simple, summer friendly desserts for your guests such as popsicles, ice cream and shaved ice that your guests can enjoy even while on the dance floor. They are sure to remain cool and happy throughout your event.

14. Serve Cute Appetizers

Pass around small plates of creative appetizers your guests can nibble on during the wedding reception. Summer is a season for light food, and not everyone would want to settle down to a formal dinner. With little treats such as hot dogs, mini burgers, tacos and the like, your appetizers would be a hit for cocktail hour.

15. Hanging Flowers Installation 

If you need rustic wedding ideas for summer, think a flower installation overhead for a gorgeous wedding reception location. Floral chandeliers or a floral canopy over set tables will be a hit with your guests and would make for a most beautiful and picturesque view.

It is most difficult to run out of summer wedding theme ideas. Use these as the inspiration you would need to create the summer wedding of your dreams.

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