The Pacific Northwest can be a beautiful, lush place to live. However, it can also be relatively damp throughout the year, which means you may be turning on your furnace longer than in other parts of the country. Proper residential heating goes beyond making you feel cozy. That’s why you shouldn’t put off Tacoma furnace repair. Read on for more about how vital good heating is to your overall quality of life.

Peaceful Slumber

Have you ever tried to sleep when it’s freezing cold inside? Sure, your comforter and thick socks may help you get cozy. However, sleeping in extreme cold can be very uncomfortable over time. That’s why it’s essential to keep your home warm throughout the winter months so you can function during the day as well as comfortably fall asleep. People should get at least 7 to 9 hours of solid sleep, according to the Sleep Foundation. Otherwise, you may develop inflammation, fatigue, cognition problems, and even weight problems.

Muscle Relaxation

As you may have learned in science class, the cold causes things to contract, and heat causes things to relax and expand. Therefore, having adequate heating in your home is essential to giving your muscles the ease and limberness they need. When you’re in the cold, you’ll notice your muscles and ligaments tighten, and it can get harder for you to be as mobile as possible. If you’re one of the many Americans already dealing with chronic pain, such as lower back pain, neck pain, or inflammation from arthritis, being in a consistently cold environment can make those pain flare-ups more constant.


Isn’t it nice to come home and feel nice and cozy? When you live in Washington State, and you’re dealing with a typical winter or a chilly rain storm, you want to dry off and get as cozy and comfortable as possible. Doing so could reduce your chances of getting sick from being cold or wet for too long.


Speaking of illness, there are some cold-related illnesses you should be aware of if you think maintaining your furnace isn’t vital. Some people are misinformed by thinking hypothermia only happens if you get stuck outside in the cold. You can also become a victim of hypothermia if your home isn’t properly heated during cold weather. Once your body drops below a certain temperature, the effects of hypothermia set in. Your pulse rate will go down, and you become confused. Your skin can also become red and flushed. In extreme cases of hypothermia, you could even get frostbite, which can result in damaged or lost limbs.

Extremely cold weather can also affect the way your blood circulates. Your heart is constantly pumping blood throughout your body to all your limbs and organs. To do that, the blood must go through your veins. When your veins begin to contract, your heart has to work harder. The cold makes anything contract, including the veins in your circulation system. If you’re in this state for a long time, it can cause your blood pressure to rise because your heart has to work so much harder to maintain blood functioning throughout the body.

As you can see, adequate home heating isn’t something to ignore. It can affect your health and safety. So do your heart, muscles, and need to sleep in a favor by ensuring you always have a well-heated home when needed?

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