You may have heard things about disability lawyers that have shaped your opinion of them. However, some common conceptions are actually misconceptions that don’t portray disability lawyers accurately. Getting the real facts can help you better understand what working with a disability attorney Greensboro-based might actually be like if you choose to hire one.

Misconception: They Only Care About Making Money

This is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about disability lawyers. The truth is that many disability lawyers, just like doctors, teachers or any other profession, get into this field because they care about helping people. Yes, they make their living this way, but their priority is using their skills and expertise to improve clients’ situations. A good disability lawyer wants you to get the benefits you deserve.

Misconception: They Will Automatically Take A Third Of Your Backpay

It’s true that disability lawyers typically work on contingency, meaning they only get paid if they win your case. However, the amount they can legally charge is regulated. By law, a disability lawyer’s fee must be less than 25 percent of any awarded backpay, or $6,000 (whichever is less). So no, they don’t just automatically take a third.

Misconception: You Shouldn’t Bother Unless Your Case Is A Slam Dunk

You may think approving disability benefits is black and white, that you either clearly meet qualifications or you don’t. But the reality is much more complex, involving judgment calls by the Social Security Administration. A disability lawyer knows this process inside out. They can identify aspects of your case the SSA may have overlooked and craft persuasive arguments on your behalf to have denials overturned. Even if your case seems borderline, it can be worth consulting a disability lawyer.

Misconception: They Will Be Too Busy To Give Your Case Proper Attention

Given the intricacies and time involved in disability cases, no ethical attorney takes on more clients than they can properly serve. When you become a client, you can expect focused attention on your case. A lawyer relying solely on overload and volume is not someone acting in a client’s best interest. Quality disability lawyers give each case and client the time and effort deserved.

Misconception: You Have No Recourse If They Make Mistakes

Part of what you pay a disability lawyer for is expertise that comes from experience over many cases. However, they are still human, not infallible. If a disability lawyer does make an obvious or consequential error that negatively impacts your case, you can pursue legal malpractice compensation. You have options if your lawyer fails in their duties through ordinary negligence.

Misconception: Their Advertisements Mean They Must Churn Through Cases

It’s true you’ll often see prominent advertisements from disability lawyers and law firms trumpeting impressive case records. Understand that these are designed to establish credibility and trust with potential clients. High case volumes can just indicate an experienced, knowledgeable attorney, not necessarily one overworking cases. Pay more attention to client reviews and testimonials.

Misconception: A Lawyer May Hurt My Chances With The SSA

Some worry that legally pursuing disability benefits will annoy the Social Security Administration, hurting their chances of getting approved on appeal. However, disability examiners do not take lawyers personally. In fact, disability lawyers’ understanding of the process often helps cases by ensuring they meet the SSA’s requirements. Research shows having an attorney significantly boosts a claimant’s odds of success.

While seeking disability benefits can feel vulnerable, having the facts about what a quality disability lawyer can offer takes away some uncertainty. Don’t let misconceptions cloud your judgment. You may find the right disability lawyer to be a valuable ally.

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