Mathematics is not only a subject, but it is a terror for students. Math is typically the most difficult and terrifying subject for students. However, with proper understanding and practice, you can easily crack mathematics questions.

The terror is even worse for students in class 12. They are quite good at other topics, but they are constantly baffled when it comes to math. They have no idea where to start studying or what to study. They can practice from NCERT but it is not enough. It’s because there are only a few questions and examples in the book. You must consult a book other than NCERT.

RS Aggarwal’s mathematics book is one of the most common books for class 12 students. Most of the students use this book for Class 12 maths preparations. Now, when you start practising, you may need its solution as well. It is because the book has several unsolved questions. That’s why you need to refer to the solution of the book. Several websites provide the RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 12. Now, let us check out some features and benefits of the book and its solution.

Benefits Of Studying From RS Aggarwal Book

The following are some benefits, or you can say features of the book and its solution:

1. Step-By-Step Solution 

In maths questions, each step matters a lot. A student needs to study each step thoroughly to solve the questions. That’s why they need a book with detailed solutions. The RS Aggarwal book contains all the solutions in a detailed manner. All steps are clearly defined to make every question understood.

2. Solutions Are Easily Available 

There are several unsolved questions in the book. You may solve several questions but there will definitely be some doubt, that is where you need the solution of the book. The solution is easily available on several websites. You can visit them and download the pdf or check out the answer there as well.

3. Solutions Are Created By Experts

All the solutions of the book are developed by the experts themselves. They try to maintain the understanding level easily. So, one can easily understand the questions by checking out the solution on their own. It also denotes that all the solutions are error-free and accurate.

4. Book & Solution As Per The Guidelines 

Mostly the students are confused about the curriculum of their respected boards. But the RS Aggarwal book is as per the CBSE guidelines. The student may find all the questions as per the board guidelines only. Also, the solution provided is as per the guidelines as well. While making the solution, the excerpts ensure to coordinate with the CBSE instructions.

5. Convenient Solutions

All the solutions of the book are in sequence or chapter-wise. One can easily check the solution they want. It will save your time and make you understand the question easily. You can easily switch between chapters and questions.

6. Keep You Motivated

I know it’s a little bit funny, but it’s true. If you have solutions you can easily swift from one question to another. As in case of doubt you can easily clarify and move on to the next one. It will keep you motivated to keep practising as solutions are there for your help.


I hope you now understand why you should study RS Aggarwal’s book and its solution. The book is solely to prepare for board exams. One can rely on the book for board preparation. The book contains questions from the previous year’s papers as well. The book will help you to prepare for the exam thoroughly. Even NCERT books and solutions are not enough to crack the exam. But you can rely on RS Aggarwal’s book and solution.

Students can use RS Aggarwal answers to promote rational thinking and a logical approach to mathematics. This book is a one-stop solution for all of your mathematical needs. You can refer to the solution of the book without any hesitation. Take a look at the book and get to work. In case of any doubt, check out its solution easily. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions in case you still have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should you practice math from RS Aggarwal?

Ans: The NCERT books only have a few questions to answer, but the RS Aggarwal book has a lot of them. RS Agarwal answers can help you clear your questions and provide a solid basis for your test. It will assist you in improving your practice and, as a result, your exam scores.

2. Is it possible for me to do well on the test if I only study RS Aggarwal?

Ans: You can get high grades if you study RS Aggarwal and NCERT books together. You should also concentrate on NCERT Solutions. The reason behind this is that CBSE prefers NCERT. However, RS Aggarwal Solutions are very important in helping you prepare for your board examinations.

3. Where can I get answers to the questions in the RS Aggarwal book?

Ans: Numerous websites offer RS Aggarwal book solutions. You may go to the website and obtain solutions right now. You can refer to any website for the solution.

4. Do RS Aggarwal’s questions match the difficulty level of board examination questions?

Ans: Yes, RS Aggarwal’s questions do equal the degree of difficulty. All of the questions are written with the board exam in mind. You may even discover tougher questions than those provided by NCERT to help you prepare for any sort of exam question.

5. Are there any test papers in RS Aggarwal’s book?

Ans: There is undoubtedly a plethora of practise questions in the book. The chapter’s exercises have a lot of questions including examples and illustrations. You will find a test paper at the end of each chapter to assess your understanding. At the end of the book, there are some practice papers and previous year papers as well.

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