There are numerous characteristics that every good sniper rifle should have for extreme accuracy. With a lightweight, longer barrel, bolt-action loading, and the ability to add on precise scopes, the stealth recon scout option is the wave of the future.

What Is The SRS Rifle?

An SRS rifle, also known as the desert tech stealth recon scout rifle, is a type of bolt-action rifle that is known for its bullpup shape, short barrel, short handguard, and accurate shooting.

Bolt Action

One of the most important characteristics of the SRS rifle that makes it easy to reload and very precision-oriented is the bolt-action feature. When compared to other reloading mechanisms, bolt-lading refers to the type of loading by the user that involves changing the position of the bolt via the bolt handle. The bolt is the mechanism included in the SRS rifle that blocks the opening of the barrel chamber during the loading process. When you move the bolt, it constantly moves back and forth to load the cartridges and unload the cartridge after use.

The bolt handle is the device on the SRS rifle that puts the hammer into the position that gets it into the “set” position that lets the user of the gun eject any used cartridges and prepare for the next ones. Without the bolt handle, the cartridges would build up within the SRS rifle and the user would not be able to fire the next round. The combination of using the bold and the bolt handle allows the user to continue loading and unloading the gun for fast use.

The SRS rifle uses the bolt-action mechanism with the rotating bolt design. The rotating bolt design in the SRS rifle means that the handle needs to be rotated to unlock the bolt. By unlocking the bolt, the user can then open the breech and extract the used cartridge cases that are taking up space. By opening the breech, which is the end of the barrel, the user can quickly get rid of cartridges that have been already used.

While the handler of the SRS rifle uses the rotating bolt design to help load and unload the cartridges, the rifle can fire repeatedly. Most bolt-action weapons are repeating firearms, although some single-shot rifles can come into play. However, with the SRS rifle, the repeating firearm makes it easy to shoot and load very quickly for accurate shooting.

Sniper Rifle

The next aspect to take into account when discussing the precision of the SRS rifle is the sniper quality. Since the desert tech stealth recon scout rifle is a sniper rifle, this means it is accurate over long distances, covert, and easily concealed during use.

The main characteristics of the sniper rifle that set it apart from other weapons for military use are the reliability and consistency over long ranges, the mobility and handling of the weapon from shoulder to shoulder, and the consistent accuracy to hit long-distance targets repeatedly.

The SRS rifle is a bolt-action sniper rifle that can be fitted with a telescopic sight for further accuracy over longer distances and a centerfire cartridge. The centerfire cartridge is a type of metallic cartridge at the center of the base. This type of cartridge differs from the rimfire cartridge, since this version is a separate component, whereas the rimfire cartridge is combined into the gun.

Design Of The SRS Rifle

Now that you know the basics of the SRS rifle and why it has been highly lauded and touted for its long-distance accuracy and precision as a sniper rifle, you need to know the design of this rifle and why it is beneficial for long-range shooters. The stealth recon scout rifle is actually one of the only sniper rifles on the market that use the bullpup bolt-action design, with the bullpup layout creating a stocker, more maneuverable, shorter, and lighter-weight option compared to other sniper rifles.

Since the SRS rifle is a bullpup design, it allows this weapon to be more compact and over 10 inches shorter than your typical sniper rifle. The length of the stealth recon SRS rifle is either 26 inches for the Covert, 33.5 inches for the .243 Winchester, 31.5 inches for another option, 35.5 inches for the Winchester Magnum, or 37.5 inches for the Lapua Magnum. In addition, the barrel length of the SRS rifle is 16 inches for the Covert, 24 inches for the .243 Winchester, 26 inches for the .300 Winchester Magnum, and just 26 inches for the Lapua Magnum.

Along with the shooter length and barrel length due to the bullpup design, the magazine and the bolt are placed behind the grip of the pistol. Due to the strange location of the bolt and the pistol grip, the way the user operates this SRS rifle is different from other rifles.

  • The bolt is the part of the reloading mechanism placed within the SRS rifle that helps open the barrel chamber and allows for easy loading and unloading of cartridges to create shooting in quick succession.
  • The pistol grip is the handle that is located underneath the main portion of the firearm that is held by the user during use. By holding onto the pistol grip, it provides extra stability and control while using the SRS rifle.

The different layout and length of the SRS rifle actually increase the accuracy and the stability of the rifle, shifting the weight to the rear of the rifle that allows for more balanced use of the firearm. Since the weight is shifted to the back of the weapon, it is closer to the center of gravity of the person, making it easier to control and hold.

Furthermore, the sling points of the SRS rifle are within line of the center of the gun to make sure that it can stay still and avoid movement while it is slung.

  • The sling point when referring to an SRS rifle is the point at which the carrying mechanism, or the sling, of the gun, can attach to the weapon. The sling points are usually at the front and back of the weapon so it can allow the user to carry a weapon with even weight distribution and be long enough to carry over their back while they are carrying it over long distances.

Other useful features of the steel recon scout rifle are the adjustable cheek rest to fit various face shapes, the contoured buttpad to help it nestle into the shape of your shoulder, and compatibility to use with a bipod.

  • A bipod is an easy-to-use accessory that makes the SRS rifle highly accurate and compatible for hunting over long distances.

In addition, the SRS rifle is constructed with a durable power on the exterior of the gun. This allows for durable use over rough terrain and many years of use. Instead of being worried that your gun will not withstand tough conditions, you can rest assured that your SRS rifle will be a long-lasting purchase that can suit your hunting excursion for many years.

The handguard uses a rail system for including accessories and working with other add-ons to your gun during use. The rail system refers to a military system that allows you to mount different add-ons to your gun with ease. Without this type of rail system, your SRS rifle would not be compatible with mounting more accurate scopes for increased precision.

Furthermore, the safety of the SRS rifle can be used without the user having to remove their hand from the grip, ensuring more safety and protection while in use. Therefore, you don’t have to move your hand while turning on the safety, ensuring the gun doesn’t become unbalanced or unsteady while turning on the safety mechanisms and preventing any further shots.

Lastly, the magazine can be released from the SRS rifle with just one hand. By increasing the ease of use of this weapon, it makes it user-friendlier and available for beginners and advanced users to operate with ease.

Uses Of The SRS Rifle

In today’s world, there are many variants and uses of the SRS rifle for hunting, snipers in the military, and other recon missions. The main variants of the stealth recon scout SRS rifle include the SRS-A1 and the SRS A-2. The next type of SRS rifle is the stealth recon scout covert rifle, with the SRS-A1 covert and the SRS-A2 covert being the two main types.

In militaries today, Georgia uses the SRS rifle as a sniper rifle with law enforcement and state security agencies. In Thailand, the SRS rifle is used as a sniper rifle in the Royal Thai Police. The SRS rifle is used as a sniper rifle for the Saudi Royal Guard Regiment. In addition, Lithuania uses the steel recon scout rifle as a sniper rifle in the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Furthermore, the Czech Ministry of Defense chose the SRS rifle as their sniper rifle in 2015. Lastly, Ukraine has used the SRS rifle as their sniper rifle in the Ukraine State Guard since 2016.


If you are debating whether the SRS rifle is a good choice for long-distance precision, you can rest assured that it is. With a bullpup design, bolt-action mechanism, and numerous qualities of a sniper rifle, this type of SRS rifle is a good choice for anyone that does long-range shooting.

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