To every team that excel in any part of the world, there has to be an establishment of concrete sporting structure and credible economic get to go to garnered all possible firepower needed to make the Arsenal of their team the best in the league and virtually in the world.

Although, the player influence any team as they are the bedrock of all domination and their innate talent help shape the team into the artistic picture that the manager has in mind. In fact, no coach could really achieve great things in the current footballing world without having a credible player to carry out their instruction, thus players are vital.

Moreover, the intelligence of the manager, the ability of the manager to manage his team to perfect fruition determines how the league will turn out in the end. Just like the last Premier League campaign turned for the worst despite Liverpool high flying start to their season when the injury began to set in – Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City turned their season around from a shambolic start to the season to lift the Premier League, while he continue to win the Premier League manager of the season in 2020/2021.

More so, the acquisition of Thomas Tuchel by Chelsea in January saw a new wave of dynamism to the club despite their torrid first half of the season – thus, the incoming campaign Premier campaign will breather a new fresh of competition on which manager could end up winning the best manager of the year.

The manager of the year in new Premier League season could be dicey to win among the potential candidate that could scoop such award by the end of the 2021/2022 season.

Currently, Manchester City is looking to Harry Kane to their rank, after scooping Jack Grealish from Aston Villa, Manchester City are setting themselves ahead of other Premier League, thus it will be giving more power to Pep Guardiola to win the league and the best manager once again – thus, it will even set the Spanish tactician on the path of becoming the greatest Premier League club manager of all time by the time decided to call it to quit at the Etihad stadium.

With every Premier League team throwing money around to get just about any player that’ll ensure their season’s success, winning the best manager of the year in 2021/2022 becomes feistier than ever as the Premier League will be celebrating its 30th year’s success?

Though the position is meant for one manager out of the twenty managers that will be starting the 2021-22 Premier League season there are only just about five favourites who scoop the award and in the end, it could all boil down to how well their team performance throughout the season.

Dean Smith

Dean SmithAston Villa might not be a title contender and might even be a title pretender to some football fans, even with the loss of their star man, Jack Grealish to Manchester City – many have predicted them to replicate their last season form, but it’s going to be opposing reality for the fan and everyone that may have looked down on effort of Dean Smith.

With their choice of player’s acquisitions, from talented Leon Bailey, Danny Ings, Emi Buendia and the return of their former talisman, Ashley Young, with enough experience and winning mentality is enough to cushion more than the effect of the loss of their captain.

Though they didn’t finish as per fans expectation despite their sumptuous start to life in Premier League season and with their new signings, many are expecting a better return of Aston Villa, as to which they can secure a European place at the end of the season, compare to last season, when they go further to secure a safe place despite fighting relegation in the previous season of their promotion.

And with Dean Smith, the Villa Park might just find an answer to their question in his charisma and understanding of his man management skill might be essential to pull Aston Villa to an unthinkable position, which is need for him to win the best manager in the Premier League.

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan RodgersSince Leicester City had their surprising season in 2015-2016, the King Power stadium’s outfit has had their fair share of greatness from a team that fight for relegation to their presence in European competition, but this was even stabilized since Brendan Rodgers took the mantle of manager in the club’s hierarchy.

In his two-and-a-half season, the Irish manager had stabilized the East Midland region’s club to compete at the very highest level in Premier while losing out on the Champions League spot on two consecutive seasons at the last match-day of the season to Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs respectively.

However, if the club could just finally climb the top four ladder at the end of the season, his status as one of the best tacticians in the league will equally be elevated, if not the best in the season? But his it is a question that born patience to see how he would viably deploy the Arsenal of players within his rank to achieve his ultimate aim of qualifying Leicester City to the Champions League at the end of the campaign.

In fact, his man management skill and ability to swim with the opponent game to suit his game plan has been an excellent choice but his inability to advance Leicester beyond the fifth position might have the reason he has yet to win the Premier League best manager of the year, and getting it done this campaign might give him a shot at such prospect.

Thomas Tuchel

Thomas TuchelSince his arrival at Chelsea in January, there has not been a manager that had a better run of winning percentage than the German tactician – whom his arrival changed Chelsea fortune to the apex despite their lukewarm start to the season. On account of the Tuchel, Chelsea won the most coveted Champion League for the second time in their history.

In fact, the former Paris Saint-German manager is a strong contender to scoop the best manager award in his first full season due to his impact on the club as a whole.

More so, Chelsea is looking to bolster their most vulnerable department with the addition of a lethargic striker – though, Erling Haaland seems impossible to attain but the West London club has since turned their attention to their former player and Belgium star striker, Romelu Lukaku to fill the void of the goal scoring threat, which will make Chelsea invariably potent against any Premier League and might eventually won the league for the Blues, thus earning Tuchel the best manager in the Premier League.

Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen KloppKlopp the “the normal one” the German tactician was ahead in praise this time last year after the German international guided the Red to their first ever Premier League and English top flight achievement in 30 years in an emphatic manner while blazing out the opponents in the process.

However, their downturn surge since their star defender injured his knee in the first Merseyside derby of the season.

Moreover, the team found their courage to reclaim their stride to acclaim the Premier League top three behind the Manchester clubs. But with the coming back of the Liverpool backline from injury, couple with the signing of Ibrahima Konate, Anfield’s team looks formidable once again.

Furthermore, the well-rested team and the coming back of Naby Keita, Thiago Alcantara getting his preferred and Fabinho been deploy in his most suitable position will get Liverpool going once again to challenge for the title – which will be a cog for Jurgen Klopp in his quest to reclaim the Premier League best manager of the season which he last won in 2019-20 season.

Pep Guardiola

Pep GuardiolaOne of the greatest tactician to ever grace the game and if he managed to stay in the number of years that Sir Alex Ferguson stayed with the United, the City’s Manager might just shatter the number of Manager of the year won by a single coach in the league, he would have won the most trophies in football history judging by his serial winning strategy and hunger to achieve more in the game – one of the greatest manager that Premier League have ever seen.

Though his debut season might not have gone in the way he had planned, but the Spanish tactician has gone to make most of his signing as he went on to win three Premier League titles in four years. But in this campaign, the diminutive tactician will be looking to make it a double league achievement as he did in 2018 and 2019.

In fact, the job might become easier as the Cityzens recently landed Jack Grealish from Aston Villa and hoping to woo Harry Kane away from Tottenham Hotspurs into a squad that is filled with depth from the goalkeeping department to the striker.

Thought, Manchester played the majority of their last Premier League campaign with a striker despite having Gabriel Jesus fit and Sergio Aguero injured for most of the season, but with these signings, it would be harder for any Premier League club to compete with the Etihad stadium’ club in the current season.

However, these signings do not only provide depth and quality to the Premier League champion side – it further gave an assurance for Pep to switch in dynamic and approach to have a better result against any team which will be potent enough for the Spaniard to scoop the best manager award.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Ole Gunnar SolskjaerIn his first appointing season for Manchester United, Solskjaer guided his team to top four finish, while he made a remarkable achievement with a surge in form to guide United to top three in his first full season, while he made an impressive leap to the second place in his second season and this season might just be the season that United will be crown the Premier League since 2013 after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

However, the over rely on the Norwegian on Bruno Fernandes for inspiration which sprung from United lack of creativity and defensive frailties might have shifted the last season Premier League triumph in the favour of the city side of Manchester, but the acquisition of Jadon Sancho and Rafael Varane would give the Norway international a depth needed to challenge at the very best of the Premier League.

The Norway international might have shot at been the best manager of the year, but a good run of form from the beginning of the season might shift the attention to the Manchester United manager.

With Fernandes not having much impact at the EURO 2020, Sancho not having many minutes to show his skills, and Pogba showing the world what he is made of, Manchester United is well rested to establish a competitive squad in order to challenge at the very best level in the Premier League.

Honourable Mentions

Among the top English club’s coaches with less potential to claim the award but with a strong case are Nuno Espirito Santo, Mikael Arteta and David Moyes.

The new Spurs manager will have a mountain to climb at the White Hart Lane but his impressive charisma that guided Wolverhampton Wanderers to a European spot could further propel Tottenham Hotspurs to a Premier League but not too certain.

However, with Arteta, the former Arsenal captain will need a new dimension and motivate his play to perform at high level all-round the season while making them stay fresh could ensure Arsenal return to the top four which will be enough for the Spaniard to win manager of the year. More so, David Moyes in last season wowed the Premier League as he took on the mantle of challenging for top four till the last couple of matches of the season where he missed out on the chance but this season might be a breakthrough for the Scots to guide his team to the top four finish – thus he chance of winning the Premier League Manager of the year will become very huge for other managers to contend with.

Potential Winner

Among the potential candidate, Pep Guardiola, Jorgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel have a strong case to claim the Premier League best manager of the year which emanate from their potential to win the Premier League at the end of the campaign. However, their respective signings and their ability to keep their player afresh throughout the season.

Moreover, with the imminent inflow of Harry Kane and the successful acquisition of Jack Grealish. Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola might invariably scoop the best individual price for any manager in Premier League.

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