There’s no shortage of awesome movie franchises. Star Wars, Back to the Future, Rocky; the list goes on and on. They’ve all played an important role in making movies so magical and beloved, and have certainly ensured that there’s nothing better to do on a Sunday evening than to stick on a Hollywood blockbuster. After all, franchises allow you to watch movies from within the same universe for weeks on end.

And when it comes to the best of the best, it’s hard to look past Indiana Jones. The franchise was launched in 1981 with Raiders of the Lost Ark and has grown from strength to strength ever since.

It’s Still Going Strong

It’s impressive to make a couple of sequels to an original classic. Indiana Jones has had multiple sequels, including last year’s The Dial of Destiny. That Hollywood would produce another movie is to be expected; that it was good is a testament to the awesome appeal of Harrison Ford’s character. There’s just nothing quite like a new Indiana Jones movie.

Everyone Loves It

There are bigger franchises than Indiana Jones. The most obvious one is Star Wars, which is a whole other level of huge. But here’s the thing about Star Wars: while it may be bigger, it’s almost more divisive. Plenty of people love the galaxy far, far away, but there’s a near equal number who want nothing to do with it. Indiana Jones, on the other hand? Everyone loves those movies. And that means it’s the perfect choice for those movies-on-the-couch sessions since you’ll know that everyone will be fully engrossed with the story.

An Icon Of Books, Games, & TV Shows

Is there a more iconic character than Indiana Jones? He’s so iconic, in fact, that he was always destined to move beyond the big screen. Today, you can read Indiana Jones comics, watch TV shows, or dive into one of the dozens of novels that have been written about the character. There’s no shortage of Jones-inspired games, either; there are quite a few alternatives in the casino world like Book of Dead, which has clearly been influenced by the legendary archaeologist — the character may be called Rich Wilde, but in effect, it is the iconic Indiana Jones. The character also pops up in Fortnite: Battle Royale, too. Throw in all the original games that have been released over the past forty years, and you have an entire universe that no other franchise can match, Star Wars included.

An Icon Of Books, Games, & TV ShowsIt Made Archeology Cool

One of the more underrated achievements of Indiana Jones is that it helped to make archaeology cool. It’s odd to think about now, but that certainly wasn’t the case in the pre-Jones era — and in fact, the mere idea of making a movie about a rockstar archaeologist would have been absurd. You could even imagine Steven Spielberg and George Lucas challenging each other to make a hit movie about a character with a profession that was deemed relatively “boring.” Well, they were certainly successful!

It’s Cinema At Its Best

Cinema is a varied medium, but at its best, it entertains, delights, and creates lifelong memories for the viewer. Could anyone argue that Indiana Jones fails to live up to those ideals? All of the movies provide a rocking adventure that is impossible to turn out, and over the past four decades, the franchise has given us plenty of memorable moments. Who could forget the thrilling opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark or the ghost of the ancient king appearing at the end of The Last Crusade? They’re movies that suck you in from the very first moment until the last.

Final Thoughts

Indiana Jones isn’t the only heavyweight franchise, but it does sometimes seem a little underrated. Perhaps it’s because it really doesn’t take itself too seriously, despite being so hugely popular. The creation showcases the best that Hollywood has to offer, and we’re unlikely to see another franchise quite like it anytime soon.

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