Obviously, the main dog adventures happen on walks. Moreover, we can confidently say that outdoor activities are the main entertainment and the most significant time for pets.

But no matter how much you and your pet enjoy walking, the outdoor environment is full of dangers. Cars, loud noises, unusual surfaces, aggressive dogs, and many other factors can scare and even stress your doggy. The worst thing in these situations is to lose your pet or leave it in danger.

That’s why, to ensure safety for our little friends and our own peace of mind, you need to take care of purchasing high-quality dog supplies because a durable leash and collar are the simplest and vitally needed gear for everyday walking. However, everything is not so simple and store shelves are full of hundreds of dog supplies for any taste, color, and budget. How not to make a mistake with the choice? Let’s try to figure it out with the best dog supplies online store — Waudog.com.

How To Buy Dog Collar Online & Not Be Mistaken With The Choice?

Choosing any dog supplies, remember the main rule: the collar must be comfortable for your pet. So, for example, animals with increased fluffiness are recommended to use thin accessories that do not spoil their hair, and smooth-haired or bald pets are recommended to use collars with a wide girth in order to avoid irritation and calluses. It is common for a dog’s skin to be irritated by any of the collar materials. If you observe that your pet often itches, replace the collar with another one.

The main point in choosing a collar is the presence of an ID tag. Sometimes even the most obedient pet during a walk can accidentally run away from its owner. Unfortunately, statistics show that most of the animals did not return home after such an escape. Therefore, dog owners buy ID tags where you can provide all necessary information in case of missing. If your pet is lost, then there is a high probability that a passer-by will notice an ID tag and return home. It’s very profitable to buy accessories for dog online on Waudog. Buy dog harness online or collar and also receive a free ID tag.

Also, you may buy a collar that glows in the dark, allowing you and others to see your dog even in complete darkness.

Leash The Most Important Item For Everyday Outing!

Every dog should have a leash to get in control during the walk. His choice must be taken seriously. First of all, decide what you are buying it for: for a walk, training or an exhibition. What is the size and weight you need according to the individual characteristics of your dog. There are several variants of leashes:

A retractable leash is one of the most popular types of leash. It gives more freedom to roam whilst staying safe and under your control with the reliable stop/pause button. It reliably fixes the leash — just with the control of your thumb. It’s very comfortable to hold in your hands. Leashes made of nylon, leather, metal, plastic are quite durable and long-lasting. Owners buy them more often for large and active dogs.

If you have any questions — contact us. We are always ready to help. Waudog is your doggy best friend!

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