Whenever you work around electricity, some risk is always involved. This is true even for seemingly harmless and simple tasks that laws were passed to prevent homeowners from doing them supposedly. It puts you in a precarious situation if you are not aware of these laws. Moreover, some tasks may confuse homeowners. Does it fall under illegal electrical work or not?

If in doubt whether to call a licensed electrician for homeowners, go ahead and make the call. Any amount of money you save from doing an electrical repair yourself is not worth the risk to you or your family. But to clear things up, here are the electrical tasks that homeowners are allowed to do.

Tasks Safe For DIY

The laws inhibiting homeowners from doing their own electrical fixes are so comprehensive, but there are still some tasks that are safe for DIY and allowed by the government, that is if you have the skills.

  1. Installing a TV or radio transmission device, such as an antenna.
  2. Replacing a busted fuse.
  3. Resetting tripped circuit breakers.
  4. Testing safety switches.
  5. Changing the batteries in a smoke detector.
  6. Replacing light globes.
  7. Cleaning solar panels.

Anything that is not in this list, no matter how simple, is illegal for you to do yourself. This includes replacing a light switch or an outlet, installing a new light fitting, or replacing an appliance’s plug at the end of the wire.

When To Call The Professional

Some people are not aware that there is an existing electrical problem and neglect to call a licensed electrician for homeowners. These are some of the tell-tale signs that you need to call the professional from crmelectrical.com.au for your domestic electrical needs.

1. Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

It is normal for the circuit breaker to trip once in a while, but frequent circuit breaker trips are a sign of a deeper problem. You could have a faulty appliance that could cause damage to other electrical devices in your house, or your home’s wiring system could be faulted. In any case, you would need the help of a Summitelec electrician to have the problem fixed. As long as it is not, you and your family are at risk inside the house.

2. After A Major Storm

Strong winds and rain can cause flooding and damage to your house. Even worse, some are hard to see. To be safe, you should call a licensed electrician to have the electrical system in your home checked for integrity and safety. If some appliances were flooded while still plugged, never attempt to unplug it yourself.

3. For Regular Inspection

As a homeowner, you are personally accountable to your family and all other occupants to keep your house safe. Additionally, you are legally required to do this. Safe use of electricity is a part of this legal obligation of every homeowner, and you would need the help of a licensed electrician for homeowners to comply.

Always Safety First

From the lists above, it may be clear that availing the services of a licensed electrician is always the safest course of action; even if you encounter a unique situation and are not sure on what to do, a professional will. Make the call and let the trained electrician handle it.

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