The essential room in the house is the kitchen. It is where family and friends share not only hearty meals but also some of the most heartfelt stories of their lives. That’s why it’s essential to make the kitchen attractive and welcoming to anyone who will be spending time in it.

Remodelling the kitchen is a project that a lot of homeowners undertake to improve the appearance of the most frequented area of the house. It’s usually for various reasons. They include improving the kitchen’s appearance and functionality and boosting the home’s value. No matter the case, remodelling the kitchen is a worthwhile pursuit.

Kitchen cabinets are furnishings that require much thought. That’s because they play a major role in the overall appearance of the kitchen. In some instances, the cabinets are the ones that serve as the inspiration for the kitchen’s look. Check out the range of designer kitchen cabinets that 1 Stop Cabinets proudly offers.

Another reason why kitchen cabinets need careful planning and consideration is that they are not only ornamental pieces of furniture but also functional components. Due to being dual-purpose, every decorative element should be perfect. Installing leather handles, for instance, may seem like it’s a small touch. However, it can make a big impact as it can give the kitchen a look that is complete, cohesive, and attractive.

Pick A Door Profile And Style Well

Cabinet doors are some of the first things that the eyes see upon entering the kitchen. That’s why selecting a door profile is an essential part of the kitchen remodelling project. Some of the most popular options include recessed mitre, raised arch, and slab. In terms of door styles, there are plenty of choices. Homeowners should narrow down their preferences to three or four. In choosing, it’s not just the aesthetic aspect that needs consideration but the budget, too.

Homeowners should opt for a door profile and style that they will appreciate for many years. Such is to avoid regularly remodelling the kitchen, which doesn’t come free of charge. Giving the selection process plenty of time is vital for fending off dissatisfaction.

Decide On The Wood Type And Colour

Various types of wood make for excellent kitchen cabinet doors. However, those that a lot of interior decorators prefer are oak, maple, poplar, and mahogany. Alder and hickory are also popular these days among decorators and homeowners alike.

Each wood has its unique grain pattern and colour. That’s why every wood type has a distinctive appeal and charm. When choosing, there are a handful of considerations involved. One of them is the available budget for remodelling the kitchen. That’s because some types of wood are more expensive than the rest. Other than the budget, it’s also essential to consider the appearance that homeowners want to achieve.

Choose The Perfect Hardware

When it comes to getting new kitchen cabinets, the last decision that homeowners should make is choosing which knobs or handles to install. They may be small elements, but they have a big effect on the overall appearance of the kitchen. It’s not enough that they look perfect for the kitchen cabinets. It’s also a must for them to feel pleasant to the touch for homeowners to appreciate the functional aspect of kitchen cabinets fully.

Some of the most elegant and timeless options are leather handles. Not only do they look classy, but they also feel like no other. Handles made of leather come in an assortment of types, colours, and styles.

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