Nothing beats a floor that has a classic hardwood feel to it. It tends to bring back memories of your childhood when you spent your Australian summers in a cabin in the outback with nothing but your imagination to get you through the day. Remember, the average summer temperature in this country is as high as 26 degrees, so putting floors that can insulate you from the heat is vital. It is important to protect your house from the cold winters too.

For many homeowners, laminate flooring has been the material of choice for its many advantages, like affordability, durability, style, and easy installation and maintenance. Laminate flooring, first developed in Sweden, and initially joined the market in 1980. Since then, its reputation has gradually increased over several decades. It is considered as the primary substitute for hardwood floors.


For most people, the main attraction of laminate flooring is its price. The cost of installation ranges from AU$ 2000 to AU$ 6500. Contractors might recommend some add-ons like finish and abrasion rating. That’s the reason why the price varies. Compare this to the price of hardwood installation, which ranges from AU$ 3900 to AU$ 10500. The big savings is the first thing that people notice.


Having a durable floor is a big advantage for anyone. In a house, the floor is subjected to the most punishment. Homeowners expect their floors to last at least ten years. Laminate flooring, with a top coating of aluminium oxide, is resistant to scratches, fading, dents, and stains. It has been designed specifically to cope with even unruly households and rambunctious pets.


The attractive styles that can be offered by laminate flooring make it a worthy option. Laminate is made using a printer with high-definition, which makes it possible to create any design you can imagine, from hardwood design to tile décor. It is also available in different colours and textures. This type of flooring offers, not just style, but a wide selection of designs as well.

Easy Installation And Maintenance

The tongue and groove locking systems enable anyone, even without a contractor license, to install their floors on their own. It’s not only easy but can also save people from spending thousands of dollars on installation costs.

Easy maintenance is also one of the things that make this floor so convenient. Because it is resistant to scratch and stain, a round of sweeping or vacuuming can assure you of spotless floors in a matter of minutes. If the problem is a spill, just grab a mop and start wiping. The spill will be taken care of in less time it takes for you to say, “Bob is your uncle.” You do not have to be careful when walking around the house in your pyjamas drinking form a glass of Penfold’s Bin 389.

Humans are traditionally fickle creatures. Before going through with the house construction, they already have a mental image of the finished product in their minds, from the roof to the floor. As nostalgic as most of us are, we long for the good old days when life as simple and houses had hardwood floors. The problem is, hardwood is more expensive and can break the bank. It is good that people have cheaper options such as laminate flooring in the market that can be as beautiful as hardwood, but cheaper, more versatile, more durable, and hardly dents the bank account if they have it installed.

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