Since many people own snow blowers, they may ask themselves what other snow removal equipment is out there?

This article explains different types of such machinery that commercial snow removal companies use or need, depending on client requests.

Your Guide To Commercial Snow Removal Equipment & Machinery

Most snow removal companies have at least some snow plows for commercial use.

At the most basic level, this equipment is used to clear snow from public roads. However, many snow removal companies also provide snow plowing services to residential properties. Some of the most common kinds of snow removal equipment are described below. Commercial snowplows are typically mounted on large trucks with wheels that measure between 8 and 24 inches in diameter. More powerful snowplows may be towed behind heavy machinery such as excavators or bulldozers. These machines can often push or blow away snow with their blades instead of just making it onto designated shoulders where it will eventually be cleared by other means.

Commercial snowplowing services typically offer either an all-inclusive package or a pay-per-use service.

They should also take care not to damage property when removing ice and provide written proof of insurance if their clients request it. There are three main snowplows: the straight-blade snowplow, the V-plow, and the wing plow. The straight-blade snowplow is the most common type and can be used for snow removal and ice control. It has a long, thin blade that’s great for pushing snow but not so good at cutting through ice. The V-plow is similar to the straight-blade snowplow but has a “V” shaped blade that’s better at cutting through ice. The wing plow is identical to the V-plow but has wings on either side of the blade, which helps it push snow further.

Snowblowers are very similar to snowplows, but they tend to be much more powerful.

One of the critical parts of snow removal is a snow cleanup, and the best way to clean snow is with snow blowers. Snowblowers are great for removing snow from sidewalks and driveways – you can even use them on your roof! Most snow blowers use gasoline as their primary power source, but some models now have electric and propane-powered options.

They can be used for snow removal on various surfaces, including paved roads, sidewalks, grassy terrain, and gravel paths. A snow blower operates by pushing snow out the front of its nozzle to fly through the air. The snow lands wherever the operator directs it to go. There are also two main types of snow blowers: the snow thrower and the snow broom.

A snow thrower is generally used on driveways or parking lots since it can quickly clear snow from flat surfaces.

Meanwhile, a snow broom has bristles that sweep snow off sidewalks and other uneven surfaces without pushing it too far away. Although both snow blowers are suitable for commercial snow removal companies ( to use, the snow broom is most ideal for cleaning areas where people walk because it doesn’t create large piles of snow that need to be shovelled by hand.

Snow sweepers use rotating brushes or brooms to move snow from one location and deposit it in another. This equipment widens the path other snow removal equipment can take without getting clogged with snow and ice deposits. A sweeper typically has three broom heads mounted on arms that swing back and forth on a flat surface such as a road or sidewalk.

Snow pushers are used for snow removal on uneven terrain. They have powerful hydraulics that push snow from one location and drop it on another with little difficulty, even wet and heavy. Most snow pushers come equipped with a blade on the front of the machine that can be extended as needed for snow removal purposes on a wide range of surfaces such as grass, gravel paths, and dirt roads.

Commercial snow removal equipment may also include trucks with front-mounted snowplows or snow blowers.

At least one truck will carry salt and sand supplies so people can de-ice roadways before snowfall. Some commercial snow removal equipment trucks also have de-icing chemicals like magnesium and calcium chloride.

When a snowstorm is a forecast, many businesses, schools, and government offices rely on commercial snow removal companies to keep their parking lots and sidewalks clear. The typical snow removal equipment for this type of use is described above. By understanding the basics of this equipment, you can be better prepared when hiring a snow removal company for your property.


Snow removal is a big job that snowplows and snow blowers can help. A snowplow lifts snow off the ground, while a snowblower blows it away from driveways and sidewalks. Snowplowing also removes snow from parking lots, so vehicles have access to them, but this process leaves behind large piles of compacted ice or slush, which need to be shovelled by hand before they melt into puddles. Commercial snow removal companies need to provide all-inclusive services to satisfy their clients’ needs!

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