Ranchers often have a lot of acreage to cover to make sure their fences are in working condition and their livestock is secure. Many ranchers carry firearms to make sure they can defend themselves from any predators they or their livestock may encounter. Here are some of the best ways for ranchers to transport firearms safely.

Truck Safes

Trucks are the go-to vehicle for many ranchers. Not only are they great for transporting oversized objects, but they’re also powerful enough to pull livestock trailers and make it through tough conditions. Where trucks are lacking, however, is interior cab space. Ranchers who want to securely transport their firearm in their cab can install a truck safe that fits under their seat to capitalize on space that often goes unused.

For ranchers who would rather store their gun in the bed of their truck, there are many truck bed gun safe styles available. Lock boxes are a great option for truck beds because they come in a number of different sizes. Ranchers can easily choose a gun lock box that fits their firearm and leaves enough room for the rest of the tools or materials they need to transport in the bed of their truck. If you do choose a truck bed lock box, be sure to choose a lock box that is guaranteed to stand up against the elements. Moisture and dirt can damage a firearm. The right lock box will ensure these things are kept at bay.

ATV Holsters

Sometimes the places you need to reach on your property are impossible to get to while driving a full-sized vehicle. Many ranchers turn to an All-Terrain Vehicle in these situations. Securely transporting a firearm while driving an ATV will depend on the style of vehicle you use. For ranchers who drive side-by-side ATVs, soft-sided zippered cases suspended from top bars is a great way to not only carry a firearm, but also ammo and tools.

Rack-mounted friction grips are a great carry option for single-seat ATVs. These easy-to-attach grips can hold both firearms and long-handled tools, such as shovels or fence post diggers. This allows you to safely keep both hands on the handlebars as you drive. These attachments are designed to always angle the gun away from driver and passenger, which is an invaluable safety measure when making your way across uneven terrain.

Shoulder Sling

Ranchers who have to do some of their work on foot can greatly benefit from a shoulder sling. While many gun cases are equipped with carrying handles, a shoulder sling allows ranchers to have both hands free as they navigate difficult terrain. Shoulder slings also prevent drops, which greatly reduces the chance that a gun will misfire and potentially cause a serious injury. If you’re a rancher who often works alone in remote, hard-to-reach places, decreasing the risk of injury is an important part of staying safe on the job.

However you choose to cover the distance of your ranch, by using these carry options you’ll be sure to transport your firearm safely and securely.

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