Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between event planning and production? As a professional, the question of whether you’re planning or managing an event is likely to have popped up on numerous occasions. To answer the question, event planning and event production are different in so many ways. In order to differentiate the two, it’s important to understand the processes involved.

What Is Event Planning?

Event planning involves all the activities to do with establishing timelines, budgets, reserving the event venue, selecting speakers, arranging activities, and having backup plans just in case things don’t turn out as envisioned.

What Is Event Production?

Event production essentially means the careful coordination, planning, and execution of the different elements that are required to create unique and unforgettable experiences. It doesn’t matter how small or big the event is, event rental software is all about bringing the different elements together. Some of the services that you can expect from an events production company include:

  • Event planning
  • Event management
  • Selecting venue
  • Creative event designs
  • Floor plans
  • Media and publications

What’s Involved In Events Production?

There is an experienced events producer that will be in charge of overseeing every little detail of the event production. There will obviously be specific goals with any events production process. It doesn’t matter if it’s a virtual event production or a physical event, you can expect the basics to be the same. Compared to event planning, here is what event production is all about.


Experience is crucial if a positive event is to be produced. The focus of any event production company is to create unique and memorable experiences. If properly executed, the event should capture the imagination of the attendees while immersing them in the full experience of what is all about. This should be felt immediately when the attendees arrive or join the event. This is why, anyone who is planning an event must look for a production company that can help assist with elements such as lighting, video, sound, and other important details. Researching production companies is an essential part of finding out what services and at what level they can offer these services. For example, you can visit kaleidoscope-co.com and see examples of their industry partners, exactly what services they provide, and what gear they have in order to accommodate to your needs for your event. All of this, along with online reviews, will give you a great indication of the experience a production company has and how they can enhance your event planning experience.


The atmosphere of the event will play a crucial role in determining the overall experience of the attendees. There is a need for adequate planning if the event’s atmosphere is to stand out.  A combination of creativity and technology can be used to create the perfect atmosphere so that the audience is fully engaged at all times.

Adding Value

One of the main reasons why an events production company is hired is so that they can add value to the event. That means that everything that is going to be included will need to be thought out from the onset. Just because an item is related to the event doesn’t mean that it should be included. The criteria of inclusion are that it should add value by elevating the overall event experience.

Mood & Emotion

There are different manipulations and enhancements such as the use of light and sound that can help with mood and emotional modification.  Such enhancements can be changed at the different stages of the event. The audience gets to be fully immersed and engaged at every stage of the event.


The success metrics of an event can be difficult to determine as not every variable is measurable.  You can’t simply measure the success of an event by looking at the number of tickets sold or those that were in attendance. The success of the event could involve other things such as the social media activity before and after the event, conducting satisfaction rating surveys, revenues vs. overheads, and a lot more. An event production company will be fully responsible for all the different aspects of the event.

The Role Of A Producer

A producer plays a bigger role than just planning. The role of the producer can be big or small depending on the event. Every producer is a planner but not every planner is a producer. Planning is just but a subset of event production. The distinction should be clear from the onset if you’re looking to have a memorable event. Planners will rarely get involved in the technicalities of an event unless it’s absolutely necessary.

To Conclude

Event production goes beyond the planning basics. A producer will be tasked with the responsibility of turning an incredibly complex mission into a smooth experience for the attendees. A successful event is one that the audience gets to know more about the host and what the auspicious day was all about. The event producer’s work is to turn vision into reality. Creating an event that is about substance requires that you’re working with an event production expert with experience in the field.

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