Your hair is your crown of glory! But with age, we start losing our hair and face the problem of baldness. Losing hair is the most distressing feeling. But what if we tell you that you can regain your hair? For a successful hair transplant, you should look for Dr. Rukshan information. Male Pattern Baldness affects approximately two-thirds of Americans by the age of 30. The probability increases with age, affecting up to 80 percent of men by the age of 70.

Male pattern baldness is a progressive condition that men have to deal with at some point in their lives. When young individuals first notice hair loss, they naturally feel the urge to address the issue immediately.A hair transplant may seem a good option at this time. If hair loss persists, it takes a toll on the confidence and well-being of the individual. So, if this is something that you’re considering and you require more information on the process and procedures, you should contact a Denver hair restoration (or one in your location) company for advice.

According to hair transplant experts, young men in their mid-twenties are the best candidates for the hair restoration procedure. Before starting with the procedure, multiple things are considered, such as hair loss pattern, type of hair and scalp, quality of the hair from the donor area, size of bald spots or balding area, etc.

In the hair restoration process, the surgeon first extracts hair grafts from the back of the head, i.e., the donor area, and transplants them to the balding areas. Either individual hair follicles are extracted, or an entire strip of follicles is removed to transplant it to the required area. With time, the incisions heal, and new hair growth is promoted.

The Difference Between A Receding Hairline & A Maturing Hairline

Sometimes it may seem that your hair is thinning, and you’re experiencing baldness. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes you may only experience a maturing hairline, which is quite common with age. This is quite normal and does not necessarily mean that you have to consult a dermatologist for a transplant.

The Severity Of Hair Loss

If your hair is falling rapidly, then it’s best to get a hair transplant as soon as possible because you need to have a good amount of donor area hair for a successful transplant. This will ensure greater coverage and better outcomes.

What Type Of Hair Loss Do You Have?

Every individual has hair loss due to various underlying reasons. When deciding the right time for a hair transplant, it is first important to rule out the type of hair loss. The following are the main types of hair loss:

  1. Diffuse Thinning
  2. Receding Hairline
  3. Reduction of density in the crown area.

For men suffering from diffuse thinning and thinning in the crown area, the ideal time would be when there is still a good amount of hair to attain full coverage.


To conclude this – the ideal time to go for a hair transplant procedure is while you still have a good hair density. Hair experts say that as the condition progresses, it becomes difficult to perform a successful hair transplant.

Men who have completely lost their hair from the top of the head and only have hair remaining at the sides and back cannot practically expect to achieve a full head of hair back. This is when toupees should be considered. If you wish to have a successful hair transplant wherein you get a full head of hair back, then you should invest in it at the earliest when the hair loss is in the initial stages or minimal for the best results.

It’s quite obvious to be concerned about hair loss. People suffer from varying degrees of hair loss and at various ages. There are various types of hair loss that a person might deal with. The ones who are suffering from reduced density in the crown area might not be in a hurry compared to those suffering from a receding hairline.

Choose Gro Clinic To Get Your Hair Back

We at Gro Clinic use cutting-edge tools and techniques to provide our clients with the best possible outcome. We perform an in-depth analysis of the scalp and gather information about the patient’s family history before starting the procedure. A hair transplant procedure without proper consideration can have negative consequences due to a number of reasons. It can lead to unnatural-looking hair and a decreased hair follicle survival rate. Hence, it is best to consult a professional and experienced hair transplant surgeon like Gro clinic, who will recommend the best action plan according to your unique hair condition.

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