Baby nursery curtains are just a style statement. They help to insulate the room and keep it warm in the winter & cool in summer. Depending on the quantity of light coming into your nursery room, you may need to consider using blackout curtains.

Are Curtains Safe In A Nursery Room?

Yes, if they are the correct length. Select short curtains instead of long hangings. Infants can become entangled in long curtains or use curtains to pull themselves up, resulting in being torn off the wall and causing injury. While room darkening blinds vs blackout are considered, they are not always necessary, but they block sunlight and help your baby sleep during the daytime. When you design a nursery room, the entire process is incredibly thrilling and you get speechless by all the details you have to take into deliberation. But everything has to be right and no detail is small. So, what is the best type of curtains for a nursery room? We can discuss it below

Tie Up Curtain

Tie-up curtains are an exceptional option for nursery curtains. They alter to cover as much of the area as you need and are available in tough fabrics that block heat & light. For heavier tie-up curtains, a safe choice is to use curtain rod brackets and a single-piece curtain rod. The best quality curtain rod brackets can support 20 lbs of weight making them a perfect option for a child’s nursery.

Cellular Shade

Cellular shades allow you to preserve your privacy yet still relish a daylit room. Their honeycomb structure insulates windows & saves energy, while their design offers a hazard-free choice for nurseries. Some cellular shades can be dropped from the top or raised from the lowermost side to control light & privacy. Cellular shades are available in an extensive range of materials, providing variable levels of opacity. Combine them with lengthy curtains to customize the daylight in the room.

Blackout Shade

Inside mount shades are paired with curtains for a soft, and more finished look. If you are in a dilemma about whether to add room darkening blinds vs blackout, adding blackout shades behind curtains keeps your room dark during nap times, creating a perfect environment for rest. They reflect day heat, keeping your child cool and safe while they sleep. Blackout shades come in colours and patterns, adding fun to your kid’s decor.

Roman Shade

Roman shades are a prevalent choice for nursery window treatments, as they can be attuned up or down to control light & privacy. Many come with cordless meetings, making them a good choice for a baby’s room. Roman shades have a custom-made look and are available in an extensive array of fabrics & patterns.


A valance is a countless choice for a baby room treatment. Valances hang high and it will be well out of a child’s reach. Valances soften the penetrating mid-afternoon sun while still allowing a lot of light into the room. They improve the look and feel of rooms with blinds and are very easy to install. But they are not the best for privacy and they can be paired with blinds for more coverage during nap times.

Should Blackout Curtains Be Used In The Nursery?

There are no negatives to using blackout curtains in your nursery. It is not an enduring fixture that cannot be pulled back if it does not work for you.

Pros Of Blackout Curtains For Nurseries

Below are numerous benefits of using blackout curtains in your nursery room:

Retains The Nursery Room’s Temperature

Another great excellence of blackout curtains is that it supports keeping your nursery at its ideal temperature.  The thick curtains are made from a material that works countless for keeping your room cool on summer days and warm during winter nights, never letting the elements out the window enter the room.

Keeps Outside Light Out

Your child’s body makes melatonin from the instant they are born. This melatonin is formed when you have limited contact with daylight. For many children, there are moments when you need them to take a nap. Having blackout curtains will support trick your baby’s brain to think it is dark out, obviously producing melatonin and soothing your baby to sleep. Having a room that is dark at the correct time of day can help to regulate your baby’s rhythm and aid in healthy sleep routines.


There are many options for curtains for a baby’s room and you can choose them according to your need and comfort.

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