It has become impossible for businesses to survive without a digital presence today. From a business website to social media account, an online presence allows you to reach your target audience efficiently and increase your engagement, leads, and sales. But if you have a digital presence, you also need to take the proper steps to protect it from hackers and cyber thieves.

If your company has a digital presence, then you are also liable to protect the personal information of your customers that they provide you. If your customers’ confidential data is compromised online, it can damage your company’s reputation. Therefore, you must take measures beforehand to protect your digital assets and your company’s image as well.

Fortunately, technological developments have made it easier for companies to protect their sensitive information. You just need to use relevant software or tools efficiently to secure your digital identities. Let’s find out how you can leverage technology to protect your digital presence.

Use Good Firewall

A firewall is a security tool that secures your network by preventing outsiders from gaining unauthorized access to your device or online data. You can consider a firewall as a barrier between a reliable and unreliable network that filters the traffic on the basis of specific security rules.

You can block unwanted traffic from your business website by setting up a firewall. Also, you can identify hacking attempts, bots, spam, and other security threats. So, you need to consider a high-quality firewall such as Fortinet Fortigate that can also protect your online presence and optimize your site performance.

To choose a firewall, you must consider its security capabilities that can improve the protection of your digital assets. Before choosing a firewall, consider your needs and budget, and make the decision accordingly.

Use Password Manager

In the recent past, password managers have appeared as one of the most effective utilities to improve the security of online accounts. Using the password manager, you can create strong passwords for multiple online accounts, so you do not have to use one password for all accounts. Weak passwords can make the security of your online accounts vulnerable, so using a password manager is a must.

Password manager directly integrates passwords of your accounts with a web browser. It will automatically save your password and fill in login forms that will secure your digital presence and organize your online activities. Using a password manager can be the best investment to improve the security of your online accounts. The usage and features of each password manager vary, so make the right choice as per your needs.


If you regularly check your emails and social media accounts for business purposes by using public WiFi networks, then you must use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It is one of those security tools that keep your data private and safe from malicious hackers. There are different VPNs available that you can choose as per your needs. You just need to do a little research to find out how you can authenticate your web sessions.

Email Encryption Tools

Email is one of the most common ways is used to exchange information. We all carry sensitive information on our devices. So, to protect this valuable data, using email encryption tools is a must. It can be tough to fix the damage if any malicious attack can compromise your information on emails.

Using email encryption tools prevents unwanted parties from getting access to your emails. Such types of tools generate a link that contains a web portal link. Every time you will send an email to someone, the receiver needs to log into the portal to access the email. In this way, you can keep your emails safe from unauthorized access.

Anti-Phishing Tools

You may have heard about phishing email scams that hackers use to steal information. Such types of emails contain links that seem to be genuine but clicking on the link can allow hackers to sneak into your network. Therefore, it is vital to educate yourself about emails that contain unsecured links.

Additionally, you can use the anti-phishing toolbar on your website that will also block such links that people report as malicious.

Integrate Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication allows users to incorporate multiple steps for authentication before accessing the data. It makes it tough for cyber thieves to steal your information.

You can consider a password as the first authentication layer. The second layer will be the verification code generated in numeric form. It will be sent to your email or through text message to your phone. To complete the authentication process, the code will be merged with the password. Over 56% of companies across the globe use multi-factor authentication to provide access to data to customers.

Keep Your Operating System & Software Updated

One of the best ways to leverage technology to secure your digital presence is to update your operating systems and software. For example, you must ensure that you have installed the latest security plugins on your website. An outdated website can become vulnerable with time, so it will be an easy target for hackers.

Also, you need to ensure that you have installed the latest security patches and drivers. To ensure that the hardware and software of your device work smoothly, you must regularly update the drivers. You may assign duties to your team to keep an eye on the timely software update of your devices and digital assets. It will secure your digital presence and positively impact your business operations.


With digital evolution, it has become easier for businesses to build and reach their brand identities. But it has also enabled cybercriminals to exploit the vulnerabilities of digital assets and steal individuals’ personal data and information. By leveraging technology in the right way, you can secure your digital presence. It will protect your valuable business data and help you maintain your credibility among your target audience. Hopefully, this article will help you understand how to secure your digital presence using technology.

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