Thousands of picture editing applications are developed each day. Whether creating art, applying attractive filters, or editing professionally, these applications offer you anything and everything.    

Amongst these new inventions, the “New Profile Pic App” is another popular application for editing or creating attractive pictures. This app’s idea is unique, making this application a trend worldwide. Newsfeeds across social media platforms are stormed with pictures edited by New Profile Pic App.   

Despite the massive success of 5 million+ downloads, some users claim this application is playing a massive scam on its users.    

Russian Malware Scam    

In early 2022, a warning was issued regarding Facebook users stating, ” New Profile Pic or New Profile Picture is believed to be a scam capturing and stealing personal data.”    

The confusion arose when screenshots went viral, and it has information “domain is registered in Moscow, which subsequently changed to Florida afterward.” But what’s more surprising is this company never had an office in Russia; instead, the lawyers who have registered this application have mentioned their addresses.   

On the other hand, a few users love using this application and state all these rumors are being made to degrade the application.    

With all the mixed reviews, it has become quite challenging for users to decide whether the application is legitimate. Therefore, we have gathered all the necessary information and tried to clear all your doubts about New Profile Pic App!    

Stay hooked and keep reading further.    

New Profile Pic App: Overview    

Before you get into details, this application is developed by Informatics Laboratories inc., the same company that has developed similar applications like Toonarts and more.    

New Profile Pic App utilizes AI facial recognition, transforming the picture into a carton format. As we all are fans of cartoon characters, it interests most users across the globe.    

Why Is The New Profile Picture App Trending?    

But why is this application trending so much? The answer is simple: this application creates an entirely new version of you, which attracts many.   

How? Only a few of you must be aware of this information “this application registers your facial dimensions with AI and shares it with a company registered in Moscow, Russia, which creates your cartoon avatar.    

This application is available on the Google Play store as ‘New Profile Pic App”, whereas, in Apple’s App store, it is called “NewProfilePic Picture Editor,” but both versions are the same and work the same.    

This application is registered with a Russian-based company called Linerock Investments.    

Global Cybersecurity advisor Mr. Jake Moore states, “it’s unclear whether the New Profile Picture application is affiliated.”    

What Makes This Application Suspicious? 

According to the manual, New Profile Pic App captures user information and shares it with a third-party company. This company is situated near the Russian Ministry of Defence base, which is a matter of concern as it risks the security of personal data.   

If you look closely, the website is invalid and does not direct you to the application’s page, which is, again, quite suspicious.    

Hence, users are being warned from using such suspicious websites and avoid sharing their personal information on a possible international platform.    

Is This Application A Scam?    

Although the users are crazy over this picture editing application, knowing the truth before signing or sharing personal information is extremely necessary. 

This application went viral in May 2020, when a photo editing platform could quickly transform your profile picture into a painting, majorly a cartoon avatar.    

Soon, people started talking about the authenticity of this application, and Twitter got flooded with mixed reviews. Only now, this application has been a part of many controversies, but as we are less with evidence, we cannot confirm whether this application is faulty.    


Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to trend amongst people, a unique feature, and people will go crazy without even realizing whether the application is a scam or genuine.   

When you sign up for an application, you must discover the application and sponsored companies attached to it. A wrong source can expose you to malicious activity and result in losses.    

With our research, the same is warned for the New Profile Pic App. Experts suggest not using it! 

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