Rainbow Panda Blooket is another sensational innovation to enhance children’s learning experience. As the cute little Panda figure attracts the children a lot, this software offers all the necessary information to teach the students differently. 

This software has made learning an interactive task for both teachers and students.   

The concept of Rainbow Panda Blooket is quite famous in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada, and the United Kingdom. After seeing the great success of this learning website, chroma has also added this book to their landing page.

But before moving forward with rainbow panda blooket, let us understand blooket first.

Introduction To Blooket 

However, if you need to learn about the world of Blooket, it’s an updated take on review games or trivia! This free teaching software picks up a question and transforms the question into a game. After playing this game, a student can learn any concept quickly.  

Various tools such as Kahoot, Gimkit, Blooket, and others have changed the way of conducting education and learning experience.   

If you look closely, Blooket is the expansion of online instructors and understudies through progressive game-based learning.   

Background Of Blooket Tool   

The concept of distance learning or hybrid isn’t new, but during Covid 19, it became highly prominent. Fortunately, it has improved the learning or teaching experience. Tools like Blooket claims to suffuse laughter and excitement in your class.    

Blooket software is a learning website developed by two brothers, Ben, and Tom Stewart, in 2018. Presently millions of students and teachers use this tool to students with a digital approach. This application is beneficial for hybrid or distance learning, and schools across different nationalities, including American schools, are using this tool to increase classroom engagement. 

This tool is designed to ease the problematic concepts and allow students to learn them while playing games. With this approach, students will better understand and memorize and achieve merriment learning.   

What Does Blooket Offers?   

Blooket is not limited to learning and can offer you much more!   

  • For students aged 5 to 15, Blooket offers an immersive learning experience with the help of alluring memes, game modes, customized features, and much more. 
  • Blooket offers various operating benefits for teachers, including fun-filled teaching sessions, group, and solo teaching modules, effective assessment creation, and much more. While the embedded incentives like earning or spending coins help curve the teaching style with a whole new trivia.    

Other Features Of Blooket   

  • Allow students to play in groups or solo  
  • Offers interactive themes  
  • The tweaked game settings in blooket game settings provide a variety of options.  
  • Blooket allows you to unlock the premium content with coins earned.   
  • If you lay any game with this tool, it gives you virtual money   
  • With blooket, teachers can easily create and import an assessment question paper.   

How To Use Blooket? 

If you are interested in knowing how Blooket works, keep reading further.   

With Blooket, educators can prepare question sets and send them off as games. Once the questionnaire is live, students can join the code and respond to the questions from their mobile phones.  

With 4 simple steps, you can easily create your account and use Blooket software as a fun learning tool.   

Step 1: Login Or Sign In   

Before creating a question paper or an invite for your students, you must create an account and sign in to the application.   

Step 2: Create A Rough Question Set   

Blooket is a quiz-based game, and you will find different formats and themes. You can choose any question set and prepare a game accordingly. However, this software allows you to design a custom-made question set, import it and find a preferable database. 

Step 3: Now Select The Game Mode For Your Questionnaire 

After you add all your questions, click on the Host, which will take you to the game mode window. Once you finish all this, choose the game mode, edit pre-default settings, and finally, click on Host Now. 

Step 4: Now You Can Invite Your Students To Join   

When you invite your students, the software will generate a gamer ID visible on your screen. Now you can send your ID to your class and ask them to join the quiz.   

What Is Rainbow Panda Blooket?   

Rainbow Panda Blooket is a part of the chroma family. They are not naturally present in your account but can be acquired or earned. These Rainbow Pandas can be accessed through Safari’s Box. As it sells for 300 tokens, you have approximately a 0.02% chance of getting it.

Earlier, people craze for chroma; in the same way, users are curious and have a craze for Rainbow Panda from the new safari.    

If you are trying to get Rainbow Panda Blooket, here is a brief math to understand. The chances of getting rainbow panda blooket are around 0.02%, which means 1 in every 5000 chances. It may not seem much right now, but it means, for every 5000 safari boxes, you will get 1 rainbow panda.    

If you still wish to know more about Rainbow Panda Blooket, click the link and explore.

Assessment Of Hybrid Learning Method With Blooket 

The environment Blooket creates is quite favorable for all types of learning. It’s interactive or captivating for teachers and students, which helps deliver knowledge correctly and effectively. Be it Maths, Science, or another practical subject; you will get to see a visible difference in learning. 


The need for online learning has increased readily in today’s voyage or post covid situation. And the concept of blooket has been a game changer for online learning. To summarize this article, we would like to mention that Rainbow Panda Blooket is a platform for group competition or individual learning. This website offers a few features if you join a growing list of classroom games.

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