When it comes to putting your home on the housing market these days there are many strategies to reach your prospective buyer.

While traditionally sellers will list properties with a real estate agent, you may wish to sidestep the commissions and fees and go direct to market.

While traditional methods of sale such as signboards and posters are definite proven methods to catch the eye of potential buyers in your area, the internet, and video technology have opened up new avenues to promote your property.

Consider the instruction of a real estate printing services to handle the yard signs, print, and online media to help elevate your property in the real estate market.

Consider creating an exciting landing page for your property. Nowadays people are looking to buy online more than ever and landing pages can form a base for traffic to land while promoting your property.

Social media platforms such as Facebook offer a rich source of opportunities for sellers to reach buyers. Advertisements can be placed in specific property groups on Facebook, or listed in classified pages online. You may also harness the potential of social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube to maximise the reach of your property sale.

Don’t overlook the potential of MLS or multiple-list-sites that allow both agents and individuals to list their properties in order to reach a larger pool of potential buyers.

There are a number of simple steps to selling your home.

The first step is to get your property noticed.

Be creative with photography and videos of your home. Consider hiring a drone pilot to fly across the property catching video footage. Hire a professional photographer to shoot stills of the inside of your property and consider the use of 360-degree video cameras so the potential buyer can see the entire property by scrolling on his or her keyboard or mobile device.

Once you have created a buzz consider hosting an open-house viewing where several potential buyers can view the property on the same day – human psychology will play a natural part in convincing the potential buyers that they are in a race to make an offer.

Using your printing service consider making flyers and brochures. You can leave flyers with local businesses such as cafes and restaurants.

Creativity and originality are key to successful marketing, and, remember, nobody knows your home as well as you do yourself, so it makes sense. To spend those dollars otherwise put aside for commissions and fees into the marketing of your property.

Before embarking on the journey of selling privately check with your as rules may differ from state to state. Whether you are going at it alone or with an agent it doesn’t hurt to look at some of the more creative methods of marketing your home above or use any other creative ideas you may have to help your property reach the best potential buyer.

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