A fire can be a staggering encounter, and the possibility of re-establishing the damaged property can appear to be overpowering. The stats of the National Fire Protection Association show that every year about 375,000 houses catch fire. Also, the fire each year accounts for the price tag of about $8 billion annually. Without judging the size of the fire, you must respond quickly and avoid further losses. Soon after the fire department quenched the blast, it’s time to call the Water Mold Fire Restoration of Albuquerque. They are highly trained and quick to address all fire-related issues, returning houses affected to a pre-loss condition.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

One might not be familiar with the process of fire damage restoration, besides why it is required and what the results are. Fire damage restoration is the process of returning a fire-damaged property to a pre-misfortune condition. Depending on the fire, this process can also take weeks and months depending on the destructive nature of calamity.

Fire Damage restoration may include reconstruction, demolition, and property board up on the top of tasks like odor, soot, and debris.

Every fire is unique and has damage of its type, so every fire restoration is different.

Let’s have a step-by-step look at the process of fire damage restoration, which is commonly followed. Check how professionals work to return the house secure and safe after a fire.


Assessment is the basic and first step to start the fire restoration process. First, the restoration team confirms the building is safe to enter before the assessment of the building.

Every fire has the same basic anatomy. The assessment team starts from the room where the fire started and how far the flames and soot have perforate into the structure. In this step, the fire damage team will also have a close look at the content inside the property, determining what can be packed out and restored and what should be discarded.

After recording everything and documenting it for insurance purposes, the fire damage team will make a plan to work on your property. An assessment company will also determine the time period and cost to recover the property.

Securing The Foundation

After the assessment is done, the restoration company will fence your property. This process includes removing the debris, stopping any leaks, and temporarily patching damage left of the property from the weather.

The sealing and boarding process starts even during the assessment. The professionals will cover all areas that were not affected by the fire to minimize any cross-contamination. The team will also cover all the damaged windows or doors to prevent the risk of break or vandalism while the restoring process is ongoing.

If required, the team will also canvas the roof of your property. This will reduce any further leaks until the repair process begins.


After you sign the work authorization, the Fire damage restoration company starts the cleaning and removal process. The process is carried out as the restoration team requires the area to be cleaned.

The cleaning team will remove all the furniture and appliances damaged by fire to restore or replace them. Making a record of the things, and with your permission, the team will remove the damaged items and mark if they can be saved by restoration.

After cleaning and removing the appliances and furniture, the crew begins the restoration process to remove the smoke and soot damage. If your possessions were also affected by the water damage while controlling the fire, in this step, the crew will use special dryers to clean the area.


Now the team is ready to work and return your property as well as possible so that you can return to normal life. Here is when a professional fire damage restoration company will make a difference. Professionals will make sure you get your home as soon as possible and in a possible good condition.

In this step, the company will replace or repair any flooring and carpets. And if the cabinets were damaged, they would restore or replace them.

The professionals will shift from short-term restoration to long-term restoration at a certain step, where you will return to your house with the pre-loss condition.

Choosing Fire Damage Restoration Services

Every single step is important to make your house safe again for a living. It is always a difficult time for families, so it is necessary to pick a professional Fire Damage Restoration Company to work on your house. Water Mold Fire Restoration of Albuquerque is the perfect option on the professional’s list.

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