A wide selection of engagement rings meets varying tastes. Traditional and hidden halo rings are two of the options available. It is not always easy to choose one design over the other because each has its own appeal and narrates a story of style through fashion.

This blog sheds more light on these rings so you can make the right decision when purchasing any of them

Understanding The Designs

Let’s first discuss the designs before delving into the differences.

  • Traditional Halo Ring: In this design, smaller stones or diamonds are used to highlight and increase the brilliance and size of the center stone.
  • Hidden Halo Ring: A relatively new design, the hidden halo engagement ring has a ‘halo’ of small stones at an edge around the central stone and is often visible from the side. This style brings subtleness while retaining the glitz associated with a halo setup.

Traditional Halo Rings

The classic appeal of a traditional halo ring is timeless. It’s simple with an accent on the center stone. Moreover, this setting makes your main diamond appear larger, which is excellent if you want a big diamond but don’t have the money for one. Also, they are vintage, which suits those who prefer ancient stuff but still love to look cool.

However, this ring may not look original if you want uniqueness and novelty. However, the ability to personalize your ring shows that this is untrue. You can opt for a square and rectangular-shaped halo that will surely provide a dimensional touch to the design.

Hidden Halo Rings

If you want an innovative design that combines the beauty of a single solitaire with the splendor of a halo ring, get a hidden halo ring. The hidden halo exhibits some amazing elements visible only from certain angles. This makes the center stone look more beautiful without highlighting the smaller surrounding diamonds.
However, such complex designs usually need extra maintenance and care compared to their conventional counterparts. If you lead an active lifestyle, the hidden setting may damage the smaller stones over time.

Making Your Choice

Consider your taste and lifestyle when choosing between a traditional and a hidden halo ring. Traditional halo rings can be the perfect choice for an individual craving for the classic feel of a central stone.

On the other hand, a hidden halo ring is an awesome choice if you need something different, complex, and trendy-looking. If you are after secrecy, originality, and a little bit of sparkle, this is the ring to buy.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, there are no hard and fast rules. The essence of your lab grown engagement ring should be to convey all you and your partner stand for. Hidden and traditional halo rings each possess their own natural appeal and benefits. So, when buying one, keep in mind what each ring means to your relationship.

Choosing one of them is difficult because both options are terribly tempting. But as you compare the two rings, remember, it’s about selecting a style that speaks to your personal aesthetic, represents your bond, and remains a treasured possession, just like your love.

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