The pandemic is finally releasing its grip on the world and we can all start thinking about foreign holidays once again, something we have missed for 3 years. Now would be the best time to start thinking about where to spend your summer downtime and here are a few tips for foreign travelers this year.

Free Financial Transfers

Seriously, if you haven’t yet installed a Bitcoin wallet on your mobile device, this should be a priority. Once you are a registered Bitcoin user, you can pay for stuff while away and you can withdraw cash at Bitcoin ATMs in local currency and that avoids those nasty bank and credit card charges we all hate. Most online businesses accept Bitcoin as payment and the number will keep on rising as cryptocurrency becomes the norm.

Entry Requirements

Book a SHA Plus+ hotel in Bangkok and follow the procedure, ensuring that you have a safe holiday. Of course, every county has its own set of covid requirements and you need to visit the website of your local embassy, any other source should not be trusted. If you’re not vaccinated, you might need to quarantine for up to 7 days, which is hardly any fun.

Don’t Change Money At The Airport

If you are not using Bitcoin, avoid changing your dollars or pounds at the destination country airport; rates are always lower at your first port of call and in town you can find a local money changer who will pay you more. If you are streetwise, you can save money when changing currency and beware of scammers, who look for any opportunity and often use fake notes.

Health & travel insurance – It makes sense to cover yourself for any medical emergency, while all of your valuable possessions should be insured against theft or loss. Due to covid, many countries insist that you have adequate medical insurance before allowing you entry; you need to check with the relevant embassy to be 100% sure. Click here for top tips on where to holiday in 2022.

Compare Prices

You should never jump at the first package you see; use Google to help you find other tour operators, or better still, book your own flights and deal with the hotel directly. A couple of hours trawling the web might result in a much better package, there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain by looking at other holiday options.

Stay Abreast Of New Developments

This is especially important regarding covid-19, as country policies can change overnight. Bookmark a relevant website or better still, register with the embassy and you will receive instant updates to your device.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand offers a wealth of resources and a site visit is recommended if you are planning a holiday in the Land of Smiles. Wherever you choose to go, do a little online research into the culture and customs and this will enrich your holiday experience.

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