Finding water under the ground is not just a hit and miss exercise because there is real science involved and you need to at least have a background in hydrogeology to at least have some chance of finding what you’re looking for. One thing that you will learn from the very beginning is that groundwater will flow from a higher position to a lower position and we have gravity to thank for that. The point where the water comes out may be into the local spring, river or even a lake or directly into the ocean. This is why it is incredibly important that if you are first prospecting for water that you start looking near these areas.

One sure fire way to find water is to use proven, reliable geophysical survey equipment to have the best chance of locating water under the ground. There are many different things that you need to be looking out for and so the following top tips can provide you with the key ways to figure out if there is water under the ground where you are located.

Look Out For Hand Dug Wells

If the local people have been taking hand dug wells in the area for some time then this will at least help to show you the depth of the groundwater and the particular type of sediment in that area. Also look out for wells that have been drilled and if you talk to the local drilling company then they might be able to give you advice on the type of rock that they had to drill through to find water and to make sure that it was a healthy source.

Look For A Natural Spring

If there are natural springs in the local area then you can usually find groundwater quite close to these and if the spring itself is flowing for the whole year then it’s very likely that it is coming from an aquifer that is incredibly productive and provides water throughout the year. If the spring only appears during certain times of the year then it might still be worth exploring this anyway.

Watch The Animals

Animals know a lot more than we do and so you should always pay attention to where it is that they go to find water. Believe it or not but pigs and particularly bees are exceptionally good at locating water sources. Have a look around and see if there are any trees that are unusually green during the dry season is compared to the other trees that are scattered around. This may be able to show you places where the groundwater is quite close to the surface because the trees can be checked quite easily.

These are just three excellent tips to help you to locate water under the ground but technology is your best bet and by using tried and tested survey equipment, it is highly likely that you will be a lot more successful. Try not to be totally reliant on finding a water source close to where you might want to base your business for example, because it’s much better to find water somewhere else that is plentiful.

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