If you are in the planning stages of a business launch, branding won’t be far from your mind; there are many ways that you can help the consumer identify with your brand and some are more effective than others.

Here are some of the best branding strategies for 2023.

Be More Than Your Products

Think of safety, security and anything that you can attach to your identity; A great example would be the slogan ‘The company that cares’. Take a stand for something, it might be eco-friendly practices, or pledge to beat rival prices and offering the very best service.

Live Events

The ultimate way to boost brand awareness is to host a live event and by making use of digital tech, you can reach 10x more people. Choose something that is in some way related to your industry and get creative! Hire a branding agency for the best possible results but if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, there are online solutions for event equipment. Whether you need festoon lighting hire in Perth or a dance floor in Melbourne, there are online event suppliers with affordable rates and great service.

Podcasts & Social Media

Podcasts are a trend right now; people listen while driving or doing the housework and if you can get invited onto successful podcasts, which is a great way of reaching potential customers. Do you have a staff member monitoring social media channels, answering user questions? If not, this is something to change; you could hire a social media marketing agency to handle your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, not to mention Tik-Tok. Here is an article on how to boost your brand on Instagram.


Connect with other businesses and build up a huge contacts list, while exchanging web links also helps to spread the reach. You might make a connection, think nothing of it and suddenly, you get an enquiry that leads to a big sale!


Take a look at your local sports team and see what kind of attendances they generate; if there is a young rising sports star in your community, why not sponsor them? This is a very effective way to boost brand awareness and the scope is endless.

Give Back To The Community

Always a winner for building a good image; support your local community by giving back. You could donate sporting equipment to the local community centre, or build a skateboard park and if there are people in need, set up a hot food bank, which would be warmly received.

Promotional Gifts

Your customers can advertise on your behalf with useful promotional gifts; there are Australian companies that specialise in personalising quality promotional gifts and they can be found with an Internet search.

We hope that the above strategies go a long way to making your brand a household name in your community. Click here for the Australian government website with branding guidelines that can help you plan your branding campaign.

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