Do you like fall? We sure do! In fact, every other person you’ll meet outside, they’d tell you it’s their favorite season of the year too! After all, who wouldn’t want to put on their favorite cozy sweater and eat anything with pumpkin flavor. Finding a new location while the fall foliage is at its height is even better.

We are referring to the magnificent scenery that you can only see for a brief period of time each year as well as the changing and falling leaves. There are many nations that offer stunning landscape, festivities, and cuisine at this time of year, but there are a select few that top them all.

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Now, having said that, let’s explore the top 7 best countries for holidays in Autumn.


Let’s start with Canada. It doesn’t matter the place, Canada’s fall season will astound you. First thing to do is to take an airport transfer and visit the Rocky Mountains which lie in the western part of the country. During autumn, the mountains have something colorful to show to you, and you surely don’t want to miss it.

CanadaWhen the leaves turn yellow, Toronto’s environs are breathtaking. Visit The Bruce Peninsula and Algonquin Park while you’re there, and take some fantastic walks while updating your Instagram feed with autumn pictures. Eastern Canada has breathtaking views as well. So if you are at this side of the country during your visit, you must drive down the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.


Even while it can be rather windy, you quickly forget about it once you realize that the entire nation is covered in orange paint. Denmark’s fall scenery is unlike any other; its brilliance will leave you speechless.

Denmark takes great pride in its harvest at this time of year, so the food you’ll eat is extremely fresh. Freshly picked vegetables including cabbage, potatoes, beets, and more are available; everything will astonish your palate. Hire an AtoB airport taxi and check out Kulturnatten if you wish to schedule your trip around a festival of culture. This yearly event is hosted and comprises a night of Danish culture surrounded by Copenhagen’s picturesque architecture. Every single gallery, church, museum, small company, and more provide free entrance to visitors!


Like everywhere else, once the leaves start to change, England also transforms into an autumn wonderland. There are numerous parks and both outside and inside the cities where you can get amazed by these autumnal hues.

EnglandIf you have ever visited London before or have seen any pictures of London, you’ll realize that it is full green. So, imagine this full green element turning into yellow and brown. Every September, the London Design Festival takes place, providing visitors with the ideal opportunity to view some amazing objects in their finest condition.

United States Of America

The USA offers a huge variety of places to visit throughout fall, which is one of the things that makes the nation so alluring during this time. In the USA, you may witness a wide range of varied landscapes. In other words, like London, inside the cities where there is green, there will be yellow. Outside the cities, there are the country’s unique mountains with their ability to transform the countryside from something normal into something straight out of a fairy tale offering you a unique perspective on fall.

The cities with the best fall experiences would have to be the Central Park which is gorgeous at this time of year in New York City, the Independent Music Festival in Nashville, a walk through Harvard Yard in Boston, and numerous festivals such as the Great Chicago Fire Festival in Chicago. Of course, there are many other choices depending the town you are visiting and the “green availability” but still, USA in general is one of these destinations


The best time to visit Scotland is from September to November as this is when the fall foliage is most vibrant. And if you don’t take our word for it, consult the locals. That is, many animals in Scotland have the tendency to roam more freely so they can observe the fall, if you can believe it. So, stroll in Scotland’s countryside and you’ll run into a considerable amount of swans, barnacle geese, red deers, and some other creatures too.

ScotlandThe common misconception that Scotland is always dressed in green is untrue. During fall, that green will turn into brown and yellow, which can easily cover over one-fifth of the country.


Switzerland is well recognized for its breathtaking scenery and challenging hiking routes, so it should come as no surprise that the country is ideal to visit in the autumn. Like other countries, Switzerland is now celebrating a successful crop.

The harvest options in this region include fruits and vegetables, walnuts, chestnuts, and truffles. Starting in the middle of September, there are dozens of fairs offering handcrafted goods and regional cuisine.

The Engadine is the place to go by airport taxi if you’re looking for a good stroll or climb because it’s one of Europe’s best places to see the vibrant fall foliage.


There are several fantastic places to visit in Japan during the autumn. Kyoto has lovely walkways and temples from which to enjoy Japan’s best autumn foliage. Trust us when we say that the country is breathtaking during the fall season. The rest of the countries might turn yellow, Japan will turn crimson red.

JapanThis is a wonderful addition to the already richly cultural journey you’ll experience while exploring Japan. Not to mention that fall is often a little cheaper than other seasons for travel. And if you want to taste the country’s cuisine a little bit more, there are specific dishes like soups whose ingredients are based solely on this season!

And there it is! There you have it! These are our top suggestions of countries that you can visit this fall. Whether you want to extend the summer, avoid the crowds during the busiest times, or simply cannot wait for the golden leaves to begin falling, these destinations will not let you down.

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